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This is the support page for the Event Calendar Maker Excel template. It is an Excel workbook (.xlsx) that you can use to create your own personalized event calendar. 

v2 released in Nov 2014



You need a copy of Microsoft Excel to open this file. Event Calendar Maker has been tested in 

  • Microsoft Excel 2007, 2010 and 2013 for Windows 
  • Microsoft Excel 2011 for Mac



  • Calendar Creation
    • Creates 12-Month calendars instantly with your own events
    • Works with any year after 1900
    • Start your calendar with any month; Start the week with any day;
    • Displays up to 300 of your active events
    • Can handle various event frequencies (One-time, Daily, Every Nth day, Weekly, Monthly, Nth Weekday of Month, Last Weekday of Month)
    • 1200 active event instances can be tracked (e.g., event which lasts 5 days has 5 instances)
    • Categorize your events in up to 12 different event types
    • Customize weekends: chose weekdays that are non-working days or weekends. 
  • Calendar Designs
    • 6 Calendar designs (2 Yearly, 2 Monthly, Weekly and Daily calendars)
    • Event dates are highlighted on the calendars. In 4 designs, event names are also displayed
    • Each event type can be highlighted with different color (from 15 colors)
    • Weekends are highlighted with red font on the calendars
    • Control which events you would like to display by deactivating events
    • Control the order of priority of events (when more than one event is on a day)
    • Readily printable
    • No Macros; completely built with formulas and conditional formatting



Create a Payroll calendar instantly



If you have any questions about this Excel template, please leave a comment and I will respond as soon as I can. Thank you.

42 thoughts on “Event Calendar Maker – Excel Template – v2 – Support

  1. Hi,
    Thanks for the inventory and sales manager. I want to use it in another context where much details of the products are required, hence, requires more products column.

    I have purchased the premium version where you have created 2 extra columns, how do I create more without tampering with the formula.

    1. I am glad that you find the template useful.

      Yes, you can add more columns in the Products table. Generally, it is better to add new columns to the right. Please let me know if there are any questions. Thanks.

  2. Does this template work for a MAC excel?

    1. I tested this in Excel 2011 for Mac and it works. Please let me know if there are further questions.

  3. This template looks perfect for what I am looking to do although there is one additional feature that I would like to use. I would like an additional identifier in the event list sheet, where by I can filter the events by this column and then only those events will be shown in the monthly views. Is this possible with your template?

    1. Thanks. What you are asking is not possible in the current version. This feature has been requested by another user as well. I will be considering adding this to the next version. Unfortunately, I don’t have a specific timeline for the release of the next version yet.

    2. I too would be interested in the ability to only show events on calendar for a specific group or specific groups monthly 2.

    3. @Rob
      Thanks for the feedback. I will be considering this for inclusion in the next version.

  4. I’m thinking about using your template for our school calendar this year. One question: when this school year is over, is it easy to recycle the event list for use next year?

    1. Thanks for considering the event calendar maker.

      Reusing the event list for next year can be done to an extent. It depends on the types of events you would be using. You can save the file as a new copy with all the events. Then, we can just change the dates (there are faster ways of doing it than changing it one by one – for example with Find and Replace function in Excel) and not having to re-enter the events again.

      Hope that helps. Please let me know if there are any questions.

  5. Hello,

    I would like to purchase your product, but I have a few concerns:

    1. I need to have at least 8 events in one day and at least 160 per month, your product seems limited to 5 events per day and 100 events per month.

    2. I read the reply regarding not having the calendars spread out over 12 tabs, but I would like to know if it’s possible to do so?

    3. You said there was no macros or programming involved, just formulas that created the template, but then I saw where you mentioned a password “Indara.” Can you tell me what that’s for..was it to unprotect something?

    1. Hello Charles,

      1. The product Event Calendar Maker will display only 5 events per day in the monthly calendar view. In the annual calendar view it can list 200 events. In the next upgrade (planned for September), displaying 10 events per day is planned to be added.
      2. Currently, the template provides 6 calendar designs in 6 sheets. Can you please explain the need for calendar spread over 12 tabs? I would like to understand the scenario so that I can consider for the next upgrade.
      3. There are no macros or programming. There are formulas and in order to prevent unintended editing of the formulas by the user, the sheets are locked by a password. If the user needs to edit the formulas, password needs to be used. When you purchase the product, the password will be sent in an e-mail immediately. With that, you can edit the documents.

      If you have purchased the product and find that it does not meet your needs, please e-mail and the payment will be refunded in full.

      Hope this helps. Please let me know if there are any questions.

  6. Hi Indzara.

    I’ve buy the Event Calendar Maker. It’s good. But i would like to mahe yearly event, who repeating all year after the date entry. by example, if i enter the Independance day the 4 july, i would like this date is for every year. and if is possible i would like the same for repeating events without a fixed date. by example : the first wednesday of the first week of september of every year is day-off. is possible to change for to make it possible ? thanks you very much.


    1. Thanks for purchasing the Event Calendar Maker. I am glad that you find it useful.
      The calendar is designed to be a 12 month calendar and it does not have Annual’ as a frequency choice. You can set weekly and monthly events, but not annual.
      To set first Wednesday of September, you can enter Sep 1, 2014 as Start date and Sep 30, 2014 as End date. Then, choose 1st Weekday as Frequency and WED as Weekday. This would automatically add first Wednesday in September to the calendar.
      However, if you try to create a new calendar for 2015, then you will have to change the Start date to Sep 1, 2015 and End date as Sep 30, 2015.
      Thanks for your feedback. I will definitely consider including this option for the next version of this product. Please let me know if there are any further questions.

  7. Hi Indzara — I am currently using the template I purchased – thank you – it’s awesome! I have a question though. In Monthly_2 — is there a way to have it list more than 5 events in one day? I’d like to be able to see at least 7. Let me know! Thank you!

    1. Hello Morgan, Thanks for purchasing the Event Calendar Maker. I am glad you like it.
      I have responded to your e-mail with my feedback. Please let me know if there are any further questions. Thank you.

  8. Great calendar maker!

    Is there any way to change this so that rather than all 12 months being in one tab, each month has its own tab?

    1. Thanks for your feedback. I am glad you like it.

      I provided all 12 months in one sheet since that would make it easier to print the entire year. Adding them as separate sheets to the existing workbook may make the file bulky and slow.
      Can you please explain the scenario where separate months would be better? It would be good for me to understand.

      Thank you

  9. Thank you for the Premium Solution Event Calendar. I stumbled upon your site just in time. With your help I was able to present my boss with the calendar she wanted and without a lot of stress on my part trying to figure out how to do it. Wonderful product, reasonable cost. Thank you again!

    1. Thanks for your feedback. I am glad that the template was helpful. Best wishes.

  10. Thanks for an excellent Calendar, it is really working for me. I have created two separate calendars, one for the staff’s leave, Monthly-2, and the other one for the Annual Shuts, 12Months-1. Keep up the good work and willingness to help with our needs.

    1. Thank you very much. I am glad that the template is useful. Thanks for the support.

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