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Welcome to the support page for the U.S. Geographic State Heat Map Excel template. You can create a geographic heat map at the state level for 50 states of U.S using your own data.


You need a copy of Microsoft Excel to open this file. The product has been tested in
  • Microsoft Excel 2007 and above (2010, 2013, 2016..)for Windows
  • Microsoft Excel 2011 and above (2016) for Mac


  • Instant Heat maps in Excel
  • Print or Save as PDF
  • Copy Heat map and paste it in other applications such as PowerPoint and Word
  • Accepts State full names as well as standard abbreviations
  • By default creates gradient scale heat map. You can also customize by selecting 6 different data ranges and choosing custom colors (from 7 different colors)
  • Displays data labels (that can be different from the data) on the map
  • Customize title and note as needed


Please see below for a list of support articles about this template.

  1. How to change Gradient Colors?
  2. How to change colors by data ranges?

If you have any questions about this Excel template, please leave a comment and I will respond as soon as I can. Thank you.

25 thoughts on “U.S. Geographic State Heat Map – Excel Template – Support

  1. We purchased the map template but I noticed there is no District of Columbia. Is that an oversight?

    1. Thanks for purchasing.

      D.C. is currently not included in the template. 50 states are included. It appears that D.C. is a federal district. Also, the size of D.C. is small and it would not be very visible when plotted on the heat map, unless plotted in a different scale.

      Please let me know if there are any questions or suggestions.

  2. I am using percentages for my data. I want to add them to my data labels but they appear on the map as multi-decimal place numbers. How can I format the data labels so that it shows a percent.

    For instance, I am getting .515 instead of 51.5%

    1. Thanks for purchasing.
      To show percentages, please use the following steps.
      1. Change the format of DATA LABEL column to be %.
      2. Change the format of DATA LABEL column in hidden DATA sheet to be % (this feeds the boxes on the map). If we want decimal places, here is where we can edit the format.

      Thanks & Best wishes.

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