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This is the Support page for the Manufacturing – Inventory and Sales Manager – Excel Template. Please post any questions related to this template in the comments below.

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Manufacturing – Inventory and Sales Manager – Excel Template

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  • v2 published July 24, 2015
  • v1 published Apr 25, 2015

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110 thoughts on “Manufacturing – Inventory and Sales Manager – Excel Template Support

  1. I recently purchased the Manufacturing inventory & Sales Manager template. Can I add additional columns to the “Raw Materials” worksheet so that I can capture/populate “Unit of Measure” and “unit cost” data without affecting the integrity of my data.
    Thus far I am very pleased with your product.

    1. Thanks for using our template and sharing a positive experience.

      You may add columns, however, you need to ensure that the formulas are not deleted.

      Best wishes

  2. hello,
    I have this purchased this template, but I have only one issue. When manufacturing, the raw material used may differ to the amount set depending on the daily issues face. The difference is normally minimal but how do i incorporate this in my calculations. The finished good also will have some damaged goods how do I do that also. Looking forward to your soonest reply

    1. Thanks for purchasing.
      We have to create a purchase order for raw material and enter negative quantity in the order to reduce raw material from inventory due to any issues faced/lost.
      Similarly, We have to create a sale order for finished products and enter negative quantity in the order to reduce product inventory due to any issues faced/lost.
      Please let us know if any questions.
      Best wishes.

  3. Hi,

    I’m encountering the following issues,

    1. The sales report graph is not generating
    2. The raw material cost in the order details is not including the 18% tax rate.

    I have also dropped an email containing my data’s to you.

    1. Thanks for your message.

      We have already replied to you at

      Best wishes

  4. I bought the Manufacturing & Inventory but now when i add products i cant see it manufacturing details tab, i should be able to see product automatically in that tab to associate with raw material

    1. Thanks for purchasing our template.

      Please ensure that none of the formulas are deleted. In case it still does not work, please email your template to with the list of issues that you are facing.

      Best wishes

  5. Hi, is there a way to open the spreadsheet in Google Sheets. When I tried it did not work properly.

    1. Hello
      Our templates are designed and tested in MS Excel. Hence, we cannot assure their performance on Google environment.
      Best wishes

  6. Hello any way of adding a PO generator something like the Invoices – we need to generate PO for assemblers, raw material, packing material.

    Thank you for considering my request.

    1. Hello

      Thanks for your recommendation. We might add this feature in our next release.

      Best wishes

  7. Hello, i have purchased the Manufacturing – Inventory and Sales Manager – Excel Template which i believe will add a lot of positive value to my business, my questions are below:
    1. i noticed that, when i make a sale/MFG order, the inventory of raw material doesn’t refresh, meaning the quantity still the same as opening balance.
    2. i am doing carpenter job, therefore most my raw material is ply wood (122X244) so one piece of plywood can be used in different products, so how can identified number of units in raw material sheet.
    3. since i am using different cutting machines such as CNC,laser machines small, laser machines big,etc. Is there a way to have add coloumn in manufacturing sheet to identify which machine will be available based on number of operated hours required.


    1. Thanks for purchasing.
      1. When a new sale/mfg order is placed, the inventory should update, provided the Expected Date is current. Inventory changes based on Expected Date and not Order date. Please check Expected Date.
      2. It depends on how much of the plywood is used as raw material for each product. If you can make 10 units of product A with 1 plywood, you can enter 0.1 unit of plywood as raw material for the product A. If you can make only 5 units of product B, then you enter 0.2 unit of plywood is raw material for product B.
      3. You can add a column, but I am not sure how machine availability can be factored in. How are you planning to incorporate that?
      Best wishes.

  8. I purchased the template and have used it for two days. I did a lot of test on every tag especially on ORDER_REPORT and RAW_MATERIALS and RAW_MATERIALS, but no matter what type of orders I inputted, the inventory does not update automatically. All the information needed were inputted and I did not touch the fields that I should not touch (in green color). I also tried “Refresh”. However, no any change happens on inventory (RAW_MATERIALS or MATERIALS_REPORT). What steps did I miss? I assume the template is smart and I do not need to worry about inventory level. And this was the major purpose I purchased this template. Thanks.

    1. Thanks for using our template.

      Please share your file along with the list of issues you are facing. You can email it to


  9. I am having a problem on the Order Details page. After creating a purchase order on the Orders page I open the Order Details page and select my purchase. When I try to select the item order which should be one of my Raw Materials, the drop down displays my Products. I have spent some time debugging this and found that the formula in the Product Category is 273 characters long. According to the Excel information I found on the web, the maximum length of a formula is 256 characters. I am using Office 365 so I need to make this formula shorter. I can do this by changing the Order column heading s for Raw Material Name and Raw Material Category shorter but I am not sure if these column headings are used elsewhere. I do not want to fix one problem to just find another. Do you have a list of all the formulas and where they are used? A list of the named ranges and where they are used would be very helpful too.

    1. Thanks for purchasing.
      Can you please send the file to and specify where there are questions, for us to review? If you have made any modifications to the original template, please specify in detail.
      Thanks & Best wishes.

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