Announcing Event Calendar Maker Upgrade

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]I am glad to announce that Event Calendar Maker has been upgraded. The new version (v3) has several additional features based on requests from customers. Most frequently requested features have been added.  As always, existing customers get the upgrade for free. I will be sending an email today with the file to everyone.


The product page has been updated with the new information. A new support page has been created where you can post all your comments and requests for future enhancements.  Videos – Product Tour, Product Demo


  • 6 new frequency types have been added.
    • Last day of Month
    • Last Busn day of Month
    • Nth Busn day of Month
    • Last Busn Day of Week
    • Nth Busn day of week
    • Every Nth business day
  • New Monthly design which allows display of 10 events per day
  • Non-Business Day flag
    • If your event falls on a non-business day, you can now choose to display it or no using a simple flag.
  • Holidays can be added to non-Business days
    • They will be shown now along with weekends with red font on the calendars

While making the changes, I leveraged a function in Excel which is not available in Excel for Windows 2007. Hence the new version is compatible only with Excel for Windows (2010 and above) and Excel for Mac (2011 and above).

If there are any questions, please leave a comment. Thanks.



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