How to create annual events on Calendar?

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It is very easy to create annual events such as Birthdays or Anniversaries, using our Event Calendar Maker Template. In the video below, I explain how to create such events and then re-use the same template year after year. There are multiple ways to create the desired effect. I create events that occur every 12 months in the video.


Another approach would be to create one-time events and then every year come and change just the year alone. Changing the year for all the events can be done easily by Excel’s built-in ‘Find and Replace’ feature by pressing Ctrl+F.

Also, please remember that you can create quarterly events by simply choosing N = 3 instead of 12. The template is designed to be very flexible to accommodate various scenarios and it does so with minimal data entry as well. 🙂

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  1. On Event Calendar:
    How can you make One-Time events that are visualized over multiple days (eg. a 2-day annual seminar)?

    1. Hello

      In the events tab, mention the event start and end dates and mark the day of the week when it’s scheduled.

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