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PTO Manager Excel Template - Product Features

Thanks for visiting the support page for PTO Manager Excel Template. The following are the support articles to help you get started with using the template. If there are any questions not addressed here, please drop a comment and I will add article/video demo about that topic.


Support Articles

40 thoughts on “Small Business PTO Manager Excel Template – Support

  1. I have been using this PTO manager for a few months now and it has been working great. However, today I entered in PTO and the time did not deduct from the accrued amount. Can you help me find out why this is happening.

    1. Thanks for using the PTO manager template.
      Sometimes the calculations do not work if the formulas are missing or their sequence is broken. Please ensure that all the formulas are intact.

      In case, the problem persists, please email your file with the list of issues to


  2. Hi, I purchased just the other day and love this schedule. It is very well thought out and along with the YouTube vidoes, I’ve been able to input data and change calendar view to fit my list of employees, etc. Going forward I will consider Indzara a go-to resource for future schedules.

    My question is regarding PTO 1 carryover in the PTO Policy Settings tab -is there a way to change to percentages instead of days? Carrryover is 150% of accrued, which is considered max cap at my company.

    Thank you!

    1. Thanks for your feedback. Glad that it is useful.
      The rollover is currently in absolute value and not %. Rollovers are calculated in the hidden sheet which has some complex calculations. They have to be modified and tested thoroughly. It’s not a simple change. Sorry.
      Best wishes.

  3. Hi, I have purchased the template and have a question if I could add extra PTO Types? Besides Vacation and Sick days our organization has Personal, FMLA, Bereavement, STD and jury duty we track. Thanks for any advice !

    1. Hello

      Thanks for purchasing the template.

      The current template can handle vacation and sick leaves. We might incorporate other types in the next release.

      Best wishes

  4. I have all my employees set up correctly that accrue time per pay period. However I have a three employees that are part time and accrue at a different rate. I also have one employee that gets her days up front at the first of the year and she gets 12 and that is it. Is there a way to set these up differently?

    1. Thanks for using the template.
      The template is set up to handle one type of accrual policy for all employees. We would have to create a second file (copy of the entire workbook) and enter the three employees who have a different accrual policy.
      Please let us know if there are any questions.
      Best wishes.

  5. I recently purchased the template for our agency. Our PTO policy gives a certain number of hours of PTO to an employee each work anniversary date. I have selected Work Anniversary for the PTO Rollover Timing box but it is not adding the hours to the employees available PTO when they hit their anniversary date. I believe it has something to do with the accrual dates I am using. Can you give me some advice on how to handle this in the template?

    1. Thanks for purchasing.
      The template assumes that all employees will have same accrual (or pay) periods. The amount accrued may vary on tenure and rollover can happen at different times, but the period of accrual should be same. For example, every other Friday.
      Please confirm if you expect the accrual period to be different for each employee (for example, annually on hire date). The template currently does not support that scenario.
      Please let us know. You can also email us at if there are any questions.
      Best wishes,

  6. Also–why don’t the holidays show up on the Employee PTO Report calendar?

    1. Thanks.
      Currently, the holidays/weekends are not displayed on the calendar. We will consider for the next version of the template.
      Best wishes.

  7. I just purchased this template. I have different accrual rates for employees.
    Ex. 0 -1 year of employment half day per month/6 days in a year, 9 days in a year and 0.75 days per month, and 12 days in a year and 1 day per month after 3 years. How Do i enter this in the settings as it does only by hours or 1 day?

    1. Thanks for purchasing.
      If the accrual is 6 days in a year and Accrual Period is MONTHLY, then we can choose DAYS as Unit. The template will automatically assign 0.5 days accrual every month. This is assuming employees take a whole day as PTO.
      However, if your employee can take partial days off, then we need to use HOURS as Unit. Then, assuming 8 hrs per day, you will enter 48 (6 * 8) Hours as annual accrual.
      Please let us know if there are any questions.
      Best wishes.

  8. Hello,
    Our PTO report is not calculating properly. The hire dates are being pulled in wrong and it is showing vacation taken when it shouldn’t. Help! :0

    1. Hello

      Please send the file along with issues to

      Best wishes

  9. I need to add additional values for the COMPLETED TENURE table as we have 7 tiers for PTO accrual.

    1. Hello

      Please advise what exact information you want to add.

      Best wishes

  10. The PTO worksheet is not showing the Current Balance. How can I correct this?

    1. Can you please email your file with details?
      We will review and get back to you as soon as possible.
      Best wishes.

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