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PTO Manager Excel Template - Product Features

Thanks for visiting the support page for PTO Manager Excel Template. The following are the support articles to help you get started with using the template. If there are any questions not addressed here, please drop a comment and I will add article/video demo about that topic.


Support Articles

46 thoughts on “Small Business PTO Manager Excel Template – Support

  1. For sick time, we accrue 2 minutes for every hour worked. Is there a way to make that work in this template? Also, at your anniversary date you are given your full 40 hours. How would I set that up?

    1. Thanks for your interest.
      The following 2 features are not available in the templates.
      1. Accrual based on Hours worked
      2. Accrual window is based on employee hire date (anniversary)
      These 2 features will be added in the future. The timeline is not yet decided.
      Please let us know if any questions.
      Thanks & Best wishes,

  2. Hello – I need to determine if our payroll management software is calculating PTO correctly. We have 2 PTO policies; one for those who were here when the PTO started (1/1/2017). Those employees have an annual award date of 1/1/2017. Those hired after that date, we use their hire date as their anniversary award date. I want to go back to 2017 and actually track all the in’s and out’s over these 2 years, to see what the balances should be. The policy I set up for the “grandfathered” employees (1/1/2017), is using their hire date as their anniversary date and it should be 1/1/2017. How do I fix that? Also, I can’t use the 2nd PTO tracker because it uses the same parameters as the first. Do you suggest that I save this spreadsheet as a another spreadsheet and use that for the 2nd PTO tracker?

    1. Thanks.
      1. The current template requires all employees to have same accrual windows (every other Friday, 1st of a month, etc.). If the accrual windows are based on hire date, each employee may end up with different window. That scenario is not currently supported. Please let me know if this is your scenario.
      2. If PTO 1 and 2 have different accrual timing and periods, please use a separate file.
      Please let me know if any questions.
      Thanks & best wishes.

  3. So my company accrues at 8 hours every 2 weeks for the first 10 periods, totaling 80 hours a year. In other words, the first 20 weeks is the total accrual period. New hires are accrued at a prorated rate for the first 10 biweekly periods. How do I change this on the spreadsheet. I tried to adjust the form under Policy Settings, but it didn’t change on the report.

    1. Thanks.
      Please clarify what is the accrual policy after the initial 20 weeks. 8 hours every 2 weeks, and totaling 80 hours a year? I am sorry. I am not understanding the policy correctly. Please email with the policy details and the file with settings entered.
      The template allows setting accrual rates by months. For example, for the first 6 months, the rate can be different than the next 12 months and so on.
      Best wishes.

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