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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Thanks for visiting the support page for Sales Pipeline Manager Excel Template which can help simplify tracking and managing sales deals.

The following are the support articles to help you get started with using the template. If there are any questions not addressed here, please drop a comment and I will add article/video demo about that topic.

Support Articles

  • Please see this article on Important Tips before using the template
    • Input Data is always visible & can be edited easily
    • Refresh Calculations after entering or updating input data
    • Backup by saving file regularly
  • This template uses Excel tables for data entry. If you are not very familiar with Excel tables, please see this article on How to enter data using Excel Tables?
    • What is a Table?
    • Why do we use Tables?
    • Components of a Table
    • 3 Basic Data Entry Operations
    • 5 Essential Tips to avoid mistakes
  • Step by Step User Guide
    • Step by Step instructions on entering data

If you have any questions on the template, please post them in the comments section below. I will respond as soon as I can. If it will benefit others, I will also publish a blog post and video answering your question.



  • Hello, great template, is it possible to copy and paste data from another spreadsheet or possibly importa data ? on top of manual input?

        • but is there also an import function as I have to load several hundred leads from another system ?

          • Currently there is no import function to import data from another system. But you can upload the file in Microsoft OneDrive and use Excel Online to upload data into the sheet from one system, which will be lively updated in all other users whom the sheet is shared from OneDrive. Then the same can be downloaded to work offline.

            Best wishes.

  • the dashboard is not getting updated. no errors in DEALS sheet.
    Active DEALS tab is updated and working fine. Any solution?

    • We are unable to replicate the issue from our end, hence requesting to share your sheet with sample data of the highlighted issue to our support team at to check further.
      Best wishes.

  • Hi Indzara Team,
    Re: Sales Pipeline Manager – Could you please advise on how to amend the date from 1900 Jan to current year?
    I cannot seem to be able to amend that as a start date and the data range is locked/uneditable when trying to change.
    Look forward to your advice.
    Thank you

    • Thanks for using our template.

      Can you please elaborate as on which tab you are facing the issues. I will request you to share your file along with the list of issues to Also, please note, you may use “indzara” as a password to unlock the sheets.

      Best wishes

  • HI,
    the sheets are protected and we can not able to make any changes

    • Thanks for using our template.

      Please use “indzara” as a password.

      Best wishes

  • Dear, indzara,
    Hey, I have contacted you on youtube comment section, but you haven’t answer yet.
    Do you have the right data input solution for me? My company is a pharmaceutical company for livestock, so when there is a one-time deal, the customer might buy again the following month.
    Example: Deal date created by ABC company on February 2, close win on March 3 for $ 2000, then April 4 reorder for $ 3000

    1. If in April I increase the deal value to $ 5,000, in the dashboard, days to close will be 2 months (February-April), even though March has already been selling.
    2. If in April I made a “new deal list”, for example ABCApril company. Inside the dashboard there will be 2 customer deals, even though the company is the same company. The dashboard will look like my sales team has many new leads, even though some of them are the same lead.
    3. How can I measure the number of customers who reorder from the total customers?

    Hopefully you understand what I mean, and can help me. thank you

    Fabiola Yana

    • Thanks for using the template.
      The template is designed for one-time deals and not specifically addressing the recurring/re-order situation.
      1. In first scenario, when you increase the deal value to $5,000, I am assuming you are updating the deal close dates. That’s why the days to close will increase. if you change only the deal amount, days to close metric will not be impacted. However, the entire $5000 will appear to be for March. That may not be preferred as well.
      2. Yes, when we create a new deal, it will appear as new deals. You are correct.
      3. Using new deal entry as mentioned in #2 above: Please try using one of the custom columns (product, location, etc.) if possible to track Re-Orders. Name the column ‘Re-Orders’. Enter Y if it is re-order deal and N if it is not. You can then use this new column to filter out re-order deals when measuring metrics such as days to close, number of deals, etc.
      Please let us know if any questions.
      Best wishes.


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