Excel Calendar 2021 with 21 Formats – FREE Download

Download 2021 Excel Calendar Template to create your own personalized calendars in Excel. This template can be used to create calendars for any year. 

You can choose from 21 different calendar designs, including annual (yearly), monthly, weekly and daily calendars. All in one file, free to download.

This Excel template is designed for Microsoft Excel.

2021 Calendar Template – Monthly – January 2021
2021 Calendar Template – Monthly – January 2021

Features of Excel Calendar 2021 Template

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How to create 2021 Calendars in Excel

Overview of steps

  1. Enter Basic settings
  2. Choose Weekends
  3. Enter Holidays
  4. Enter your personal or company Events
  5. Pick a Calendar design
  6. Print or export the calendar to PDF

Now, let’s see each step in detail.

Step 1: Enter Basic settings

Basic Settings – Calendar 2021 Excel Template

Enter the year for which you want to build the calendar. I designed it such that you can enter any year and the calendar will still work.

By default, the year begins in January. However, you can modify that to start the calendar with any month.

Change Beginning Month of Calendar – Calendar template 2021 excel

By default, the calendar shows weeks starting on Sunday. However, you can modify it to start with any weekday.

Start Week from any day – Calendar template 2021 excel

We can give a name to our calendar and the name will appear on some of the calendar designs automatically.

Step 2: Choose Weekends

Choose Weekends

Calendars show weekend days in the red-colored font. You can modify the weekends as needed for your purpose. In the image above, I have selected Saturday and Sunday as weekends. So, all Saturdays and Sundays will be shown in red font on the calendars.

Step 3: Enter Holidays

Enter the list of holidays for your company or business on the Holidays table.

Enter Holidays for 2021 Calendar

I have provided a list of holidays in U.S. and India for reference. Please see the Holidays sheet.

I have used Excel Tables for user input. If you are new to Excel tables, please see my article on How to use Excel tables for data entry?

Step 4: Enter your personal or company Events

The template allows the user to enter events, in addition to holidays, to display on the calendars.

Enter events to display on the calendar

If you are using this template for the personal calendar, you can enter your personal events as I have done in the above image.

If you need to create a calendar for your company, enter your company events for 2021 in the Events table.

Step 5: Pick a calendar design from the 21 designs

Based on the input provided in the previous 4 steps, the template builds the calendar designs automatically.

The 2021 calendar template offers 21 different calendar designs to choose from.

In the Pick a Calendar sheet, we can see the 21 designs.

21 Calendar Designs in 2021 Excel Calendar Template

Just click on any design on and you will be taken to the corresponding calendar sheet.

You can also directly go to any of the sheets named 1 to 21.

21 Calendar Sheets

Note: If you change the sheet names of the calendars, then hyperlinks in the Pick a Calendar sheet will not work.

Step 6: Print the calendar or export it to PDF

Excel’s default print menu options and Export options work as usual. If you are not familiar, it is not a problem. I explain them in detail with screenshots towards the end of this post.

21 2021 Excel Calendar Designs

Let’s look at each of the 21 calendar designs.

2021 Calendar Designs

Calendar Design 1 (1 Page 12 Months – 4 X 3)

2021 Calendar Design 1 – 1 Page 12 Months – 4 X 3

When both Event and Holiday fall on the same day, Event is prioritized and event color is displayed.

Calendar Design 2 (1 Page 12 Months – 3 X 4)

2021 Calendar Design 2 – 1 Page 12 Months – 3 X 4

Calendar Design 3 (1 Page 12 Months – 2 X 6 with Events)

2021 Calendar Design 3 – 1 Page 12 Months – 2 X 6

Calendar Design 4 (1 Page 12 Months – 6 X 2 with Events)

2021 Calendar Design 4 – 1 Page 12 Months – 6 X 2

Calendar Design 5 (1 Page 12 Months – 12 X 42 with Events)

2021 Calendar Design 5 – 1 Page 12 Months – 12 X 42 with Events

Calendar Design 6 (1 Page 12 Months – 12 X 31 with Events)

2021 Calendar Design 6 – 1 Page 12 Months – 12 X 31 with Events

Calendar Design 7 (6 Pages – Planner)

2021 Calendar Design 7 – 6 Pages – Planner

Calendar Design 8 (1 Page – 54 Weeks – with Events)

2021 Calendar Design 8 – 1 Page – 54 Weeks – with Events

Calendar Design 9 (12 Pages – Monthly)

2021 Calendar Template – Monthly – January 2021

Calendar Design 10 (6 Pages – with Events)

2021 Calendar Design 10 – 6 Pages with Events

Calendar Design 11 (4 Pages – with Events)

2021 Calendar Design 11 – 4 Pages with Events

Calendar Design 12 (3 Pages – 4 Months on each page)

2021 Calendar Design 12 – 3 Pages with Events

Calendar Design 13 (2 Pages – 6 Months on each page)

2021 Calendar Design 13 – 2 Pages – 6 Months each

Calendar Design 14 (12 Pages – Monthly – with Events)

2021 Calendar Design 14 – 12 Pages with Events

Calendar Design 15 (12 Pages – Monthly – Type Events)

2021 Calendar Design 15 – 12 Pages – Type your events

Calendar Design 16 (12 Pages – Picture Calendar)

2021 Calendar Design 16 – Picture Calendar

Right Click on image and change picture for each month. Choose from file on computer or online

Change picture in Picture calendar Choose from file on computer or online

Calendar Design 17 (12 Pages – Quotes Calendar)

2021 Calendar Design 17 – Quotes Calendar

Click on placeholder text and type any text for each month. Create your own customized calendar of quotes.

Calendar Design 18 (1 Page – Weekly Calendar)

2021 Calendar Design 18 – Weekly Calendar

Calendar Design 19 (1 page – Daily Calendar)

2021 Calendar Design 19 – Daily Agenda Calendar

Calendar Design 20 (1 Page – Two Years Calendar)

2021 Calendar Design 20 – Two years Calendar

Brand New Calendar Design 21 (Daily Planner)

2021 Calendar Design 21 – Daily Planner

Tips to customize Excel Calendar 2021

How to change the formatting (colors/fonts/borders)?

One of the common reasons for making changes would be to change the formatting of the calendar. I am sure that you may have your personal favorites when it comes to colors and fonts. The template is designed so that you can make these changes yourself without negatively affecting the functionality of the calendar.

Select Cells to change formatting

Select Cells to change formatting

For example, in the image above, I have selected the 2 months (January & February).

In the Home ribbon, you will see the Font section (as shown below).

How to change formatting on calendar (font, font size, font color, border, bold, italics)

We can change the font, font size, font color, fill color, borders and also apply bold and italics format.

Some of the border options require unprotecting the sheet. We will see how we can unprotect later in this post.

A couple of things to note here:

I will explain now how both the above points can also be addressed.

How to change Event and Holiday colors?

Events and Holidays are colored automatically on the calendar using conditional formatting. As with everything with this template, it’s easy to change them too.

First, click on the Conditional Formatting menu in the Home ribbon, and select Manage Rules.

Open Conditional Formatting Menu

The next dialog box shows the 3 rules we have used in this worksheet. Make sure that you choose ‘This worksheet‘ at the top.

Three conditional formatting rules for Weekends Holidays and Events

We can modify each of the rules separately. Just click on one of the rules and then click on ‘Edit Rule’ button. In this example, I have clicked on the ‘Events’ rule.

Conditional formatting – Edit Format for a rule

Click on the Format button. It opens the next dialog box.

Conditional formatting – Change format for the Events dates cells

We can modify not just the fill color, but also the Number format, font and border. For this tutorial, I have just highlighted where you can change the background fill color.

You can choose one of the standard colors or click on ‘More Colors‘ button to choose any color from the spectrum.

Click OK to the dialog box and then the following open dialog boxes.

Then, you should see the changes applied to the entire calendar sheet. Save the file to save the changes.

How to change the order in which events/holidays appear on the calendar?

Some of the calendar designs list the names of events and holidays on the calendar. They are designed to be listed in the same order in which they were entered in the Holidays and Events tables in the Settings sheet.

If you had entered them in a random order in the tables, then you can easily sort them. For example, in the Events table, click on the Event Date header label. A menu pops up where you can choose ‘Sort Oldest to Newest‘.

Sort Events by Dates in Events table

This would sort the Events table with dates in ascending order.

You can apply the same technique to the Holidays table.

How to change the date format for events and holidays?

I have used the date format MMM-DD (example: Jan-05) to show the dates. I usually try to show the month in text instead of numbers as I understand that there are differences in formats used by different countries. 1/10 could be interpreted as Jan 10th or Oct 1st, depending on which country you live in.

However, you can easily change it to any format to suit your needs.

Just select the cells where you want to apply the change.

Then, press Ctrl+1 to open the Format cells dialog box.

Change date formats using Format cells option

You can type your own custom format or click on ‘Date’ in the list on the left. Then, you can choose from the standard date formats.

Choose one from the standard date formats

How to unprotect (unlock) sheets?

All the customization mentioned above can be made without unprotecting any sheets.

If you plan to make more modifications and you see that you are not able to, you can unprotect using indzara as password.

For more details, please see my article on how to unprotect sheets.

Please remember to protect the sheets again in order to prevent accidental editing of formulas.

How to print calendars?

To print, press Ctrl+P or find the Print option in the File menu.

Open Print settings with Ctrl P

Since the template is already pre-set for printing calendars, you can quickly review the calendar in preview and then click on Print to print.

If you need to print only a subset of pages, please enter the page number range.

How to export calendar to PDF?

To export to PDF, choose Export in the File menu and then click on Create PDF/XPS.

Export calendars as PDF

In the following dialog box,

Additional Features in Event Calendar Maker

If you find the template useful, please share it with your friends. Please leave a comment below to let me know your feedback. Thank you.

Have a wonderful 2021.

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