How to create and print invoice for rental orders in Excel?

Creating invoices for rental orders using the Rental Business Manager is very easy.  In this article, we will see how we can create them on-demand and then print or export to PDF.

This article is part of a series of support articles of Rental Business Manager Excel template. For more information on the product, please visit Rental Business Manager Excel template.

We had discussed in the earlier article on how we can customize the invoice.  I am assuming that we have already done that, for the purposes of this article.

Creating and Viewing the Invoice

To view the invoice, let’s go to Invoice sheet and enter the order number at the top.

Invoice - Rental Business - Enter Order Number
Invoice – Rental Business – Enter Order Number

If we enter an invalid order number, we will see this warning message.

Invoice – Rental Business – Invalid Order – Order Not Found Error message

Let’s enter 1 as Order Number. The invoice will now auto-populate. It’s that simple. You can generate an invoice whenever needed. The data comes primarily from Order Details sheet and some information from Customers, Orders and Assets sheets.

Sample Invoice for Rental Businesses

Printing the Invoice

Press Ctrl+P to open the print preview dialog box. Preview the sheet and then click print.

Print Preview and Print Invoice

By default, one page is printed that can handle up to 25 lines of the order. If the order has more than 25 lines, please change the number of pages in the Print Preview dialog box so that 2 pages can be printed. The template can handle up to 65 line items.

Exporting the Invoice as PDF

To export as PDF, Click File – Export as PDF.

Export to PDF Menu Option

Choose a place to store the file, name it as desired (recommend adding the order number and/or invoice number) and click Publish.

Export to PDF – Save File

Then, we can email the file to our customer.

In the next article, we will learn more about finance management and accounting in Rental Business Manager. 

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