Group Shared Expense Calculator 2024 – Free Travel Expense Sharing Template

Group Shared Expense Calculator

This Group Shared Expense Calculator template can be used to calculate each person’s share of expenses in a group. For example, when you go on a trip with your friends where multiple people pay for shared expenses. At the end of the trip, you would need to calculate how much each person owes and to whom. Another example is if you participate in a group event which needs multiple purchases.

We were on a family trip last week for 3 days with a friend’s family. We shared expenses for car rental, hotel reservation, fuel, etc. and both families paid for expenses at different times. When we returned from the trip, we had to calculate our share of the expenses. I built this template to help with that.

Group Expense Shared Calculator - Report
Group Expense Shared Calculator – Report





Step 1: Enter friends’ names. The template allows up to 12 friends.

Expense Sharing – Enter Friends’ Names

Step 2: Enter the expense transactions

Enter shared Expense Transactions
Three types of expense sharing or expense split

Let’s take expense for Coffee to illustrate the three split types.

Split Equal: When the expense is shared equally among all the friends.

Shared Expenses Split Equally among friends

This transaction does not need any further data entry. In this case, the $12 will be shared among all 8 friends equally. $.1.5 each.

Split Unequal – %: When expense is shared unequally among friends and we know the share in %, we can use this split type.  One example is when only 2 of the 8 friends had Coffee and their shares are 40% & 60%.  We enter the shares in appropriate columns named after the friends.

Shared Expenses Split Unequally among friends – %

We will also use this split type when we have all the 8 friends sharing in unequal % share.

Note: when entering %, please enter in decimals. For example, enter 50% as 0.5.

Split Unequal – Amt: When expense is shared unequally among friends and we know the share in actual amounts, we can use this split type.  Following the same coffee example, when only 2 of the 8 friends had Coffee and their shares are $4 and $8.

Shared Expenses Split Unequally among friends – Amount

Data Validation

There are some validation rules built in the template to ensure accurate data entry.

  1. Name entered in Paid By column should be present in the Friends list in the Home sheet
  2. When using ‘Split Unequal – %’, the % entered for all the friends should add up to 100%
  3. When using ‘Split Unequal – Amt’, the amounts entered for all the friends should add up to expense amount

If there are any errors, you will see it in the last column Validation.

Data Validation Column with error messages

You will also see visual indicators on the expense transactions.

Transactions with errors are highlighted

Purple indicates transactions where the shares (% or Amount) are under the expenses and the Red indicates transactions where shares (% or Amount) are over the expenses.

Please ensure that there are no errors in order for the report to provide accurate balances.

Enter each transaction in a new row. If you are new to Excel tables, please read this article on Introduction to data entry in Excel.

Sample of Expense sharing entered

Step 3: View Report 

Once we complete entering all the expense transactions, we can move to the report sheet.

Report sheet shows all balances among friends

Click to view full image

The sheet shows all the individual balances on who owes whom how much. We can also see the total amount a person owes and a person is owed to.

We can also select one friend to highlight that friend’s details and summary.

Group Shared Expense Calculator – Excel Template – Report Sheet

Click to view full image

The summary at the top shows Amount Owed To, Amount Owed From and Net Balance. The details show the Amounts Owed To, in Green and Amounts Owed From, in Red.

If there are any errors in data entry in the Expenses sheet, you will see a warning message in the Report sheet.

Error displayed in Report sheet about data validation issues

We can also see the amounts paid by each person, total expenses by each person and the net balance.

Paid Amount, Expenses & Balance for each friend

If the Net Balance is negative, that means the person will have to pay to others more than he will receive from them. Since we are distributing expense amounts equally, sometimes we end up with a rounding difference of a few cents.

Changing Currency

You can change the currency format displayed to suit your currency. Just select the currency cells and press Ctrl +1.

Changing Currency Format

Choose the currency from the list and press OK.

If you find this shared expenses spreadsheet template useful, please share the template with your friends. If you have any suggestions to improve, please post them in the comments.

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