2023 Invoice Template – Invoices for Small Businesses

Sales Invoice Template

If you run a small business selling products, download this Free Sales Invoice Template and create invoices easily in Excel. You can create unlimited invoices and manage them all in one file. You can save time by storing your products and customers once and re-using them for invoices whenever needed.

Sales Invoice Excel Template
Sales Invoice Excel Template

Features of Invoice Template


The template is designed to accommodate 20 line items per invoice.



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How to create invoices

Initial Setup

Enter Business Information in Settings sheet

Enter Business Information to appear on Invoice

Enter Products in Products sheet

If you are new to Excel Tables, please read the article on how to use Excel Tables for data entry.

Enter list of Products in Products Table

You can add columns or rename existing columns as you need. You can add more products anytime.

Enter Customers in Customers sheet

Invoice Builder – Enter Customers in Customer table with contact information

You can add columns or rename existing columns as you need. You can add more customers anytime.

Change Logo in Invoice sheet

Right Click on the logo image and choose ‘Change Picture. Select an image from your computer to replace.

Change Logo image on Invoice

If you don’t need a logo, just select the logo image and press the Delete key.

Customize Customer Information on Invoice

It’s easy to customize the appearance by selecting which field should appear.

Customer Information – Rearrange fields as needed

7 fields can be customized. The list of information available in the drop down is based on columns in the Customers sheet.

Invoice Template – Customize Customer Info Fields

Enter Tax Rate % in Invoice sheet

Enter Tax Rate in cell I50. You can change this later for each invoice if needed.

Apply Currency format in Invoice sheet

The template comes with no currency formatting by default as I would like the template to be useful in all countries. It’s easy to apply your currency.

In the Invoice sheet, press Ctrl+G. This opens a new dialog box.

Changing Invoice Currency – Press Ctrl+G and select CURR

Choose CURR and click OK. This will select all the cells that need to be formatted as currency. Press Ctrl+1.

Choose preferred Currency Symbol to use In Invoice

After selecting and pressing OK, the invoice will have currency format applied.

Currency Format Applied to Invoice fields

Creating an invoice with Sales Invoice Template

With our initial setup complete, it’s time to create our first invoice. First, let’s make a copy of the Invoice sheet.

Make a Copy of Invoice Sheet

Rename the new sheet with the Invoice #. For example, for Invoice #1234, Let’s name the sheet 1234.

Rename the sheet with Invoice Number

Now, we will create the invoice #1234.

Overview of Steps

  1. Enter Invoice # in cell J15
  2. Choose customer name in cell D17
  3. Enter Invoice Date in cell J18
  4. Enter Payment Due Date in cell J20
  5. Enter Product ID/Name, Quantity & Discount
  6. Enter Tax Rate% in cell I50
  7. Enter Order Discount Amount/% in cell I52
  8. Enter Other charges, if any, in cell J53
  9. Enter any comments or notes in cell C51
  10. Press Ctrl+P to preview & Print/export to PDF.

Steps in Detail with Screenshots

1. Enter Invoice # in cell J15.

Sales Invoice – Entering Invoice Number

2. Choose customer name in cell D17

Choose Customer for the Invoice

Other customer information will automatically populate.

Customer Information – Rearrange fields as needed

3. Enter Invoice Date in cell J18

4. Payment Due Date in cell J20

Enter Invoice Date and Payment Due Date

5. Enter Product ID/Name, Quantity & Discount

Enter list of Products in Invoice

Choose Product ID from the list.

Selecting Product ID for Invoice

Description and Unit columns will automatically populate. If you would prefer some other attribute (or information) of products instead, you can just change it. How cool is that?

Choose any product information to display in second and third columns

Enter Quantity and unit discount. The Price, Taxable and Amount will automatically populate.

Choose either Amount Before Tax or After Tax

You can choose to display either Amount Before Tax or Amount After Tax.

Continue entering products as many there are in the invoice. The maximum allowed is 20 in this template.

6. Enter Tax Rate% in cell I50

As we scroll down, we see the subtotal and total section. Here, we have two options.  Enter Tax Rate% in cell I50.

Enter tax rate in Invoice

7. Enter Discount 

Next is Discount, where we can choose to use Discount Amount or Discount %.

Enter Invoice Discount

If you choose Discount %, enter the value in decimals. For example, 0.01 for 10%. If you do not want to display any discount, just clear the cell.

8. Enter Other Charges

Enter Other Charges, if any, in cell J53. You can rename Other Charges to anything that applies. For example: ‘Shipping Charges’.

9. Enter Comments

Enter any comments or notes in cell C51.

Enter Comments or Notes in Invoice for customer

10. Printing or Exporting to PDF

After reviewing and making sure everything looks good, it’s time to print or export.

Press Ctrl+P to preview print.

Print Preview and Print Invoice

The page is set up to be print-friendly. So, you should be able to just print as it is.

To export to PDF, select the Export menu option.

Export to PDF Menu Option

In the following window, choose a location in your computer to store the PDF file and give a name to it. Tip: use your invoice number in the file name. Save all your invoices with the Invoice Number in the PDF file name in the folder. Thus, you will be able to easily identify a specific PDF if needed in the future.

Track invoices and due amounts in a simple free Invoice Tracker template

Manage inventory along with invoices using  Retail Business Manager

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What if you sell hourly services?

You can also use this template for services that you may charge hourly. In such cases, you will enter the number of hours in the Quantity column in the invoice. In the Products table, you will enter the Service name and provide the hourly rate as the Price.

What if it is consulting projects and not hourly?

You can also use this template if you work on consulting projects. You can enter your Project ID in the ID field, Project Name in Name field and enter Project description in the Description field. You can enter the project’s cost in the Price field.  You can enter Quantity as 1.

What if you want to use Product Name instead of Product ID as unique identifier?

You can choose to user Product ID or Product Name or your own field as key identifier of products. Just select the field in cell C28 in the Invoice sheet. Now, you can enter.

Choose unique Product identifier from ID/NAME

If you choose Name, the drop down list automatically will use Product Name instead of Product ID. Everything works smoothly.

How can I change the colors, fonts or other formatting?

All the formatting options are available to you. Just select the cells you need to modify format and use Excel’s default formatting options (in the Home ribbon) to change fonts, colors, appearance, number format or alignment.

Excel Formatting Options to customize the invoice

If you change the font size or font, you can adjust the column widths and/or row heights to ensure that the print view is good.

How to sort data in Product list?
When you have a lot of products, it might become challenging to choose from the drop down menu in the Invoice worksheet, especially if the product IDs/Names are not sorted. By default, the order in which you entered the products in the Products table will be used as it is in the drop down menu. That means you could sort the products in the Products table and this would automatically give you sorted products in the drop down menu. This should help you in easier selection of products in the invoice.
Choose the cells in the Products table, Right Click –> Sort.

Sort Products by ID or Name

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