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Rental Business Manager – Inventory and Sales – Excel Template – Support

This page will provide the support information for the Rental Business Manager Excel Template. You will find links to articles and video tutorials on how to use the template. I am continuing to add material to this page. Please post any questions in the comments section below. I will be happy to answer.

The second version of this template was published in Oct 2016. Thanks to everyone who used the first version and gave valuable feedback. 

Before we get started

Introduction and Overview of Rental Business Manager

Initial Setup

We will go through a few simple steps to initially set up the template for our specific rental business. Click here to read the Initial Setup steps.

Entering orders

Entering rental order information is done in 2 steps. We can check availability of assets, before entering an order and after. How to enter rental Orders in template?

View Calendar

The template has a built-in calendar that allows viewing the availability of our rental assets. Let’s learn more about the Rental Availability Calendar.

View/Print Invoice

The template can create invoices on demand based on the order details we have previously entered. Just type in an order number. You can also export the invoice to PDF or print. Learn all about invoices.

Finance Management

Rental Business Manager template enables simple and effective finance management for rental businesses. We have options to enter taxes and discounts. We can track payments made by customers on orders. In addition, we can also record operational business expenses. Learn about finance management features for rental businesses..


Reporting in Rental Business Manager Excel template is fully automated and very extensive. We have reporting to help us get an accurate view of business performance in multiple areas (inventory, sales & finance) from multiple dimensions (product and Customer). Reporting is available on inventory levels, accounts receivable, monthly metrics, top and bottom performing product and top performing customers. All about reporting.

Other Topics

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