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Reporting in Retail Business Manager

In this article, we will cover the reporting available in the Retail Business Manager Excel Template.

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We have extensive reporting automatically generated, to help us get an accurate view of business performance in multiple areas (inventory, sales & finance) from multiple dimensions (product and partner).


There are six pages in the Report sheet.

Current Status

First, we can see the current status of inventory and finance.

Report – Current Status

We can see the following metrics.

We can also see the breakdown of aging (1 to 30 days, 31 to 60 days, 61 to 90 days, >90 days) of those due amounts.


Now, we move to looking at the past performance of business. First, we select our report start and end dates.

Report – Enter Start and End Dates

We leave the REFRESH to be ON, by default.

Report – Summary view


All the metrics will be calculated on Orders with Order Date from start date to end date




Monthly Metrics

We can view all the metrics by month for up to 12 months.

Report – Monthly Metrics Table

We can choose one of the metrics to update the chart that shows up to 12 months of trend.

Report – Metrics
Report – 12 Month Trend Chart – Metrics

Products – Top Performers

One of the important pieces of understanding business performance is knowing which products are selling the most and which ones are not. We have 3 ways of measuring sales – Quantity, Amount and Margin. This allows us to understand the true impact of the products to the business.

Report – Choose Sales Metric

In this sheet, we will see the top 10 product categories and bottom 10 product categories.

Report – Top 10 Product Categories
Report – Bottom 10 product categories

We can also see the top and bottom performing products.

Report – Top 10 Products
Report – Bottom 10 products

Product Performance

In addition to that, we would want to look at a specific product and understand its performance. We can choose a product and see its performance summary during the reporting window.

Report – Product Summary

We can see the current inventory status of the product.

Report – Product Inventory

We can also see the sales quantity trend by months of that product.

Report – Product Sales Qty – Monthly Trend

Partner Performance

Another important aspect to understand is best partners (customers and suppliers).

Report – Top 10 Customers
Report – Top 10 Suppliers

We can choose one specific partner and see their details as well.

Report – Partner Performance Summary

Finally, the Products sheet, the Partners sheet and Order Headers sheet also have useful information that we can filter on to get to the data we need.

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