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Retention Dashboard – Excel Template – Support Page

Thanks for visiting the support page for Retention Dashboard Excel Template which can help simplify employee retention tracking in your organization.

The following are the support articles to help you get started with using the template. If there are any questions not addressed here, please drop a comment and I will add article/video demo about that topic.

Support Articles

  • Please see this article on Important Tips before using the template
    • Input Data is always visible & can be edited easily
    • Refresh Calculations after entering or updating input data
    • Backup by saving file regularly
  • This template uses Excel tables for data entry. If you are not very familiar with Excel tables, please see this article on How to enter data using Excel Tables?
    • What is a Table?
    • Why do we use Tables?
    • Components of a Table
    • 3 Basic Data Entry Operations
    • 5 Essential Tips to avoid mistakes
  • Step by Step User Guide 
    • Step by Step instructions on entering data

If you have any questions on the template, please post them in the comments section below. I will respond as soon as I can. If it will benefit others, I will also publish a blog post and video answering your question.


  • On the snapshot dashboard, Under the “Distribution by Tenure %” the numbers don’t make sense for a total percentage of 100%. If I hover my mouse over the top of every column, it shows how many we currently have, but it is not a percentage. Can you advise how to explain this table?

    • The Distribution by Tenure is not a % it’s the number of employees present in each tenure category. The rest of the section under tenure shows the average tenure in years.

      Best wishes.

  • Hello,
    there are exit types which I do not need to be included into the retention calculation, as example, internal changes or exits due to force major like COVID, where we as employer was not able to do anything to keep people. Is it possible somehow to update table accordingly?
    Also there is not much value of monthly (1 month ) retention. We would be happy to have Tenure of 2 years. It means that our retention should be calculated for each 24 consecutive months. Can it be applied?
    Also it is very important to see retention for each department separately to identify the most problematic once. Can it be done?
    Thank you in advance.

    • Thank you for purchasing the template.

      We take customization projects for additional fee and all your request can be processed through customization. Please write to for estimation.

      Best wishes.

  • My agency does in-house promotion. Is there something I can do to include those types of numbers on the dashboard? We also have employees who transfer to another state agency. Is there away to add that to the dashboard? I also do not see a decline position area. Can that be added as well?

    • Thank you for showing interest in our template.

      Currently, the template is not designed to track internal job transfer/promotion. We can take this as a customization project for a fee. Please write to for estimation.

      Best wishes.


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