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2013 Tamil Calendar with Tamil dates and Tamil Nadu Holidays (Excel template)

2013 Tamil Calendar

2013 Tamil Calendar

If you are looking for a printable tamil calendar with tamil months and Tamil Nadu government holidays, you may find this post useful . As with the calendars I published earlier, there are two options: Non-customizable PDF calendars and Customizable Excel template. The Excel template lets you add your personal events and then print the customized calendar.

There are two PDF calendars.

  1. 2013 Annual calendar in 1 page with Tamil Nadu Government Holidays and space to write your events in after printing – Download 2013 Annual Tamil Calendar (PDF)
  2. 2013 Monthly calendar (12 pages) with Tamil Nadu Government Holidays and dates from Tamil calendar – Download 2013 Monthly Tamil Calendar (PDF)
The Excel template comes with following features and limitations.
  • Both Annual and Monthly calendars are available
  • Start the week with any day
  • Displays up to 100 of your personal events (nicely sorted)
  • Displays the age, in years, of the event
  • Event dates are highlighted on the calendar
  • Tamil Nadu Government.holidays are highlighted on the calendar
  • Weekends (Saturdays and Sundays) are highlighted in red font
  • Dates from Tamil Calendar are available in the Monthly calendar
  • Easy to print
  • No Macros


  • Works for 2013 only;
  • Starting Year (2013) and Month (January) cannot be changed.
    • Reason: The Government holidays are available only for 2013







I look forward to your feedback.