World Heat Map by Continent – Free Excel Template for Data Visualisation

World Heat Map

World Heat Map by Continents Excel Template is a free Excel template that you can use to create heat maps of the world instantly. You will learn how you can enter your own data in the template to create heat maps. You will also learn the features and options available within the template to customize and extend.

World Heat Map by Continent - Gradient Color Scheme - Names
World Heat Map by Continent – Gradient Color Scheme – Names

What is a Heat Map?

A heat map (Wikipedia – What is a Heat Map?) is a form of data visualization, where the data is presented in the form of varying levels of colors. We use colors to understand the data easily and quickly.

Here we will be creating a geographical heat map where the area we will be coloring is a geographic division (by Continent) of the World. Each continent can have a different color based on the data value for that specific district. For example, we can visualize the population distribution by Continent, or any numeric data we have at the Continent level.

There are other types of use cases too, which we will discuss later.

Our Excel Template allows you to enter your own data and visualize that instantly.



7 Continents. We have used  as source.

Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, South America, Australia and Antarctica

Disclaimer: We have done our best to create the map outlines as accurately as we can. However, doing it in Excel has its limitations. The map is just for illustrations and is not expected to be 100% accurate with respect to the exact size and outlines of Continents and World.



How to use the template?

The template is very simple to use with just three steps.

  1. Enter Continent level data in the data table
Excel Template – Enter Continent level data in Data Table
Right click and Paste Values

2. Edit the Settings to customize the heat map

Settings – Choose Name and Data Value display
  1. Choose to display the Continent name (YES or NO)
  2. Choose whether to display the data value (YES or NO)
  3. Choose which color scheme to use

There are two options here.

Choose color scheme for heat map – Gradient color or by Data ranges
Gradient color scale in Excel for Heat Map
Enter Colour by Data Ranges

In the table above, we are setting the Continents with data values from 1 to 29,999,999 to be Green. From 30,000,000 to 399,99,999 to be Brown and so on. Any Continent with value from 4,000,000,000 will be colored in Pink.

You can customize the ranges as well as the colors. You can create up to 7 ranges and choose from 10 color options.

In your case, let us assume that you want to create a data range from 1 to 1000 as Red and 1001 to 2000 as Blue and anything from 2001 as Orange. The following is the data we should enter in the table.

Customizing data ranges

To enter the data ranges, just type over the default numbers. Also, if you don’t need all the seven ranges, then just click on the cell and press Delete key to clear contents. Do not delete the row.

You can change colors by selecting from the drop down. The 10 color choices available are Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Pink, Violet, Brown, Gold, Orange & Gray.

Change colors from the drop down from 10 options

Any Continent with value less than the first value will use the gradient color scheme by default. In our examples here, we started with 1. So, any negative value will use the gradient color scheme. But you are not limited to only positive values.  Here is how you can also use negative values in the data ranges.

Customizing data ranges – Negative values

Values from -100 to 1000 will be Green and 1001 to 2000 will be Blue.

You can also enter Title and Comments that will be displayed on the Map. You can choose to leave them as blank if you want to not have Title and comments.

Enter Title and Comments for Map display

3. View/Print/Export Screenshots of Heat Maps

Let’s look at the screenshots of heat maps with different options in the settings we discussed in Step 2.

In the first set of examples, we will be using the Gradient color scheme option.

1. If we choose only the Continent names to be displayed

World Heat Map by Continent - Gradient Color Scheme - Names
World Heat Map by Continent – Gradient Color Scheme – Names

2. If we choose both Continent name and data value to be displayed

World Heat Map by Continent – Gradient Color Names and Data Values

Now with the Colour by Data Ranges option,

3. If we choose only the Continent name to be displayed

World Heat Map by Continent – Color by Data Ranges – Only Names

4. Now when we choose both names and data values

World Heat Map by Continent – Color by Data Ranges – Names and Data Values

Now that we know how the heat map will look, let’s talk about printing.


In Excel, when you try to print, the print area in the file is already pre-set to print the map and the settings section.

Print Preview of World Heat Map

If you would like to print only the map image, then please select the area around the map image and then click on Set Print Area from the Page Layout ribbon.

Heat Map Image as Print Area

Now, when you print, you will print only the map image.

Export the heat map image as PDF

Similarly, you can save as PDF.

Export Heat Map as PDF

What is in the print area will now be saved as a PDF.

Copy-Paste Image

Instead of printing or exporting, you can also copy the image and paste in other applications directly as needed. You can copy the image by right clicking on the map and choosing ‘Copy’.

Copy Map as Image

You can then paste in other applications such as PowerPoint and Word.

Paste options in PowerPoint

If you find the template useful, please share with your friends. If you have any feedback or suggestions, please post in comments section below.

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