Google Sheets Calendar 2024 with 24 Formats – FREE Download

Prepare for the year ahead with ease by creating a customized 2024 calendar using Google Sheets. Our collection offers 24 unique design templates for your 2024 calendar, suitable for both personal and professional use.

These templates encompass annual, monthly, weekly, and daily formats, providing you with versatile options to plan your year effectively. Plus, our templates are easily expandable, ensuring they remain a valuable resource for years to come, including 2025 and beyond.

Get started today and take control of your schedule with style and precision!

This template is designed for Google sheets, but if you are looking for an Excel template, please visit the 2024 Excel Calendar.

2024 Calendar Template – Monthly – January 2024

Through this article, you will understand:


How to get a copy of the 2024 Calendar in Google Sheets Template

Click on the link above to access the Google Sheet. Make a copy of the Sheet as shown in the screenshot below. Save this template on your Google Drive. 

How to make a copy of Google Sheet

Note: Once you open the saved template, you can see that the Dashboard and Calendar are populated automatically. You have to just configure your inputs to customize the calendar according to your needs. 

Features of the 2024 Calendar Google Sheets Template

How to Use the Template

Overview of steps

  1. Enter Basic settings
  2. Choose Weekends
  3. Enter Holidays
  4. Enter your personal or company Events
  5. Pick a Calendar design
  6. Print or export the calendar to PDF

Step 1: Enter Basic Settings

Basic Settings – 2024 Excel Calendar Template
Change Beginning Month of Calendar
Start Week from any day

Step 2: Choose Weekends

Choose Weekends

Step 3: Enter Holidays

Enter the list of holidays for your personal/professional/company/business needs in the Holidays table. The template displays a list of holidays in the U.S. and India for reference.

Enter Holidays for 2024 Calendar

Step 4: Enter your personal or company events

In addition to holidays, you can either add personal events or your company’s events in the calendar based on your needs. The following screenshot features some sample personal events for your reference.

Google sheets schedule template 2024 – Enter events to display on calendar

Step 5: Pick a Calendar Design from the 24 Designs

24 Calendar Designs in Google Calendar 2024 Template
24 Calendar Sheets

Note: If you change the sheet names of the calendars, then hyperlinks in the Pick a Calendar sheet will not work.

Step 6: Print the Calendar or Export to PDF

24 Calendar Designs

Let’s review the features of each of the 24 calendar designs of free google calendar template 2024:

Calendar Design 1

1 Page 12 Months – 4 X 3 

2024 Calendar Design 1

Note: When both Event and Holiday fall on the same day, Event is prioritized and event color is displayed.

Calendar Design 2

1 Page 12 Months – 3 X 4

2024 Calendar Design 2

Calendar Design 3

1 Page 12 Months – 2 X 6 with Events

2024 Calendar Design 3

Calendar Design 4

1 Page 12 Months –  6 X 2 with Events

2024 Calendar Design 4

Calendar Design 5

1 Page 12 Months –  12 X 42 with Events

2024 Calendar Design 5

Calendar Design 6

1 Page 12 Months –  12 X 31 with Events

2024 Calendar Design 6

Calendar Design 7

6 Pages – Planner

2024 Calendar Design 7

Calendar Design 8

1 Page – 54 Weeks – with Events

2024 Calendar Design 8

Calendar Design 9

12 Pages – Monthly

2024 Calendar Design 9

Calendar Design 10

6 Pages – with Events

2024 Calendar Design 10

Calendar Design 11

4 Pages – with Events

2024 Calendar Design 11

Calendar Design 12

3 Pages – 4 Months on each page

2024 Calendar Design 12

Calendar Design 13

2 Pages – 6 Months on each page

2024 Calendar Design 13

Calendar Design 14

12 Pages – Monthly – with Events

2024 Calendar Design 14

Calendar Design 15

12 Pages – Monthly – Type Events

2024 Calendar Design 15

Calendar Design 16

12 Pages – Picture Calendar

2024 Calendar Design 16
Adding Image to the Calendar
Choosing Images for the Calendar

Calendar Design 17

12 Pages – Quotes Calendar

2024 Calendar Design 17

Calendar Design 18

1 Page – Weekly Calendar

2024 Calendar Design 18

Calendar Design 19 (Daily Calendar)

1 Page – Daily Calendar

2024 Calendar Design 19

Calendar Design 20 (Two Years Calendar)

1 Page – 2 Years Calendar

2024 Calendar Design 20

Calendar Design 21

1 Page – Daily Planner

2024 Calendar Design 21

Calendar Design 22 (Year Planner)

2024 Calendar Design 22

Calendar Design 23 

12 Pages – with Events & Image

Calendar 2024 Design 23

Brand New Calendar Design (Single Page with count of working days, weekends, events and holidays)

Calendar 2024 Design 24


1. How to change formatting (colors/fonts/borders)?

The google spreadsheet calendar template 2024 designs are completely customizable and formatting is no exception. You can style the calendars as per your favorite colors and fonts. This won’t affect the functionality of the template calendar negatively. 


Select Cells to change formatting

2. How to change Event and Holiday colors?

Using conditional formatting, you can change the event and holiday colors. 

Open Conditional Formatting From Menu
Conditional formatting rules for Weekends Holidays and Events
Conditional formatting – Edit Format for a rule

3. How to change the order in which events/holidays appear on the calendar?

Usually, Holidays and Events appear on the calendar in the way they have been listed on the table (in the Settings sheet). If you have entered the Holidays and Events in a random order on the table then you can sort the list to order them appropriately. You can sort them in ascending order (A – Z) or in descending order (Z-A). And click on “OK.”

Sort Holidays by Ascending or Descending Order in Holidays table

4. How to unprotect (unlock) sheets?

The above-mentioned customizations can be made normally. However, for further customizations, you have to unprotect the sheets. 

INDZARA is the password for unprotecting the sheet. Once the customizations are done, protect the sheets again to avoid any accidental edits on the sheets.

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