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I have been running this small business since 2013 and this site has been live since 2015. I have tried many different vendors and software for several aspects of running business. I would like to share those that I continue to use and also recommend for others based on my experience.

Disclosure: There may be affiliate links where I may earn affiliate revenue, however, I am recommending only products and services I continue to use. 

If you have any questions related to these products and my experience with those products, please reach out ( and I am happy to share.

WP Engine

 This site runs on WordPress as most content websites do. I switched to using WP Engine as my web hosting provider in 2019. I was running into several performance issues with my previous provider. My site will have spike in resource load and the site will be down until it is restarted. It happened frequently and my repeated attempts to solve that didn’t work. It was not due to increase in site traffic (that would have been nice. 🙂 )

I even hired developers at an expensive hourly rate to fix this problem, as without a website this business will not exist. Those attempts failed as well as the developers could not make any changes that resolved the high CPU usage problem.

I finally resorted to trying WP Engine as it was one of the most recommended services when it comes to WordPress managed hosting. It is specifically designed for WordPress with a lot of security and performance features. It is more expensive than the standard hosting services. Compared to how much money I was spending on developers and services to fix my problems, it was not more. I was willing to spend it as I don’t have to spend my time anymore and get stressed out about when my site is going to go down.

Since my switch to WP Engine in 2019, I have not had any such issues with my site. My site has been reliable. They also have Development-Staging-Production framework set up. We don’t use the Development option. We use their Staging server where we make any plugin updates or design changes first. We can test and make sure that everything is good before publishing to Production. This is very convenient. This may not appear to be a big deal for new websites, but once you have years of content and several plugins, making any changes need to be done with care and testing.

There are other features of WP Engine we are not using yet such as WordPress themes, plugins and more.

I recommend WP Engine for three reasons:

  1. Site reliability
  2. Environment options – Development-Staging-Production
  3. Support – it’s easy to get live chat support and they have been very helpful whenever we had questions. They also helped during migration.

They have a 3 Month Free offer when you sign up for an annual plan. Please click on the link below.

Get 3 months free when you sign up for WP Engine.