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The Retail Inventory and Sales Manager is suited for managing inventory and sales if you are running a business of buying products from suppliers and selling to customers. This Excel document will assist in knowing the inventory levels of each product and understanding which products to re-order. You can also create invoices instantly and print or save as PDF. In addition, you can quickly view the purchases/sales patterns over time and identify the best performing products. 



You need a copy of Microsoft Excel to open this file. The product has been tested in 

  • Excel for Windows (2007 or 2010 or 2013)
  • Excel for Mac (2011) – Since Excel for Mac doesn’t support Slicers and Pivot Charts, Analysis sheet is not available. Analysis Details sheet provides tables but not the charts. Please e-mail at indzara at gmail if there are questions.


The template is not capable of reading data from bar code scanners.
There are several formulas embedded in the document. When the size of your data approaches the limits of this template (2000 products and 50,000 line items), there is a 3 to 5 second lag while inserting new line item. After a new line item is inserted, everything else works instantly. If you notice a lag, you can save a copy of the current file and start entering new orders in a new file.



1. Migrate data from free to premium version in less than 10 minutes



In the ‘Invoice’ sheet, from the Home ribbon, choose Find & Select –> Go To.
Retail Inventory and Sales Manager - Excel Template - Change Currency
Retail Inventory and Sales Manager – Excel Template – Change Currency
Retail Inventory and Sales Manager - Excel Template - Change Currency
Retail Inventory and Sales Manager – Excel Template – Change Currency


Press Ctrl+1 or click on the Number format menu.

Retail Inventory and Sales Manager - Excel Template - Change Currency
Retail Inventory and Sales Manager – Excel Template – Change Currency
In the Format cells dialog box, choose the currency you would like to use.
Retail Inventory and Sales Manager - Excel Template - Change Currency
Retail Inventory and Sales Manager – Excel Template – Change Currency
Now, the invoice will display the amounts in the chosen currency.


The template has several Excel Tables (link to Microsoft help). If you type data in the row after the last row of the table, then the table expands and includes your new row of data automatically. For deleting rows from a table, select cells from rows that you would like to delete. Right Click and select Delete—> Table Rows. This is the recommended way of adding and deleting data from tables.

Retail Inventory and Sales Manager - Excel Template - Delete Rows in Table
Retail Inventory and Sales Manager – Excel Template – Delete Rows in Table
If you have any questions about this Excel template, please leave a comment and I will respond as soon as I can. Thank you.


  • Hello,
    I have bought the Retail Inventory sales manager basic windows v1_1
    The template looks good for me. So when I started to enter all my data in the template I found this template is for profit porpoise only.
    I was confused where should I have to enter my damaged goods?
    Example: if I enter one of my goods which are 100 bottles quantity and ORDER NO P1 in my warehouse 1. During working inside the warehouse 1. It was broken 5 bottles (Damaged) so please help me where should I enter these damaged bottles in the table? Which I can understand I have lost 5 bottles in my data.

    • Thanks for purchasing. I am glad you like the template.
      To account for damaged goods in the purchasing process, you can enter a new purchase order (P2) and put negative quantity (-5) for this product. This will reduce the inventory by 5 units.
      Please let me know if there are any questions. Thanks. Best wishes.

  • Hello! I have purchased this product and entered data. When I enter a sale, the invoice sheet has no data on the first line other than price. The Product ID and Product Name are not shown. Can you help? Thank you!

    • Thanks for purchasing. I have responded to you by email. Please let me know if there are any further questions. Best wishes.

  • I have purchased this and all ifnromation is correct but the Invoice does not update automatically – I thought that it would do this from the order.

    • The invoice should automatically pull the data from the order for the order numbered entered at the top. Please make sure that the order details are correctly entered in the ORDER_DETAILS table. This video explains the data entry Or you can email me the file at and I will look into it and get back to you.

      Thanks for purchasing. Best wishes.

  • I came to know about your (Retail Inventory & Sale Manager) excel template while I was searching the web for a software transfer data from excel to tally. We are working with auto parts business. I discussed with my staff 3 scenarios as follow:
    -First Scenario: Our inventory location numbers exceed 20000 items. This figure can go up to five times if we introduce different brands. If I adopt this scenario i think your template will not support this situation..
    2- Second Scenario: Daily transaction between sale and purchase 300 different items on daily base. This mean 2000 – 3000 product items. This also seems to outside your template scope.
    3.Third Scenario: We are now classifying our inventory in 10 main groups Ex.(A-Engine Items-Electrical Items-Suspension Items and so on).If we buy for each group one template. This means we shall require 10 templates. Each templates each group.
    The only problem with all scenarios is the followings:
    a- manual data entry since there is no integration facility in your template with (Tally- our account and inventory program).This shall cause some delays in the ordering process specially once back log is there due to the manual data entry process.
    b-Since we have four branches the data entry problem shall increased accordingly.

    Finally i would like your advice before we commence the purchase of your template.


    Bader Hammam

    • Thank you very much for your message. I have answered your questions below.

      1. The template supports 2000 products. Unfortunately, if you are looking for a solution for hundreds of thousands of products, then this might not work. Excel becomes slow when the number of products is high and hence I limited to 2000 products.
      2. It can handle 50,000 order line items very easily. The file can be archived (saved) then and a new copy of the template can be used to record new orders.
      3. If there is no interaction or co-ordination between each of the 10 groups, then you can use separate templates for each group. But if you want to have them all in one, you can categorize each group in the single template. Product Category is a field that is available to categorize products.
      a. Data Entry is manual and the file is not integrated with other systems. It’s a simple Excel file.
      b. Template can handle 10 locations/branches.

      I hope this helps. Please let me know if there are any questions. Thank you.

  • Hi , ind zara

    i have downloaded your excel template of inventory and sales manager and i entered all my products but in that after entering purchase order in order and inventory sheet so in that the above right side it has to show the re – order items pending purchses automatically but its not updating automatically i have to do manually in that , so please help me to figure out on this

    thank you


      • Thanks for e-mailing. I have responded to your e-mail. Hope that helps.

        Just so that other readers can become aware, the re-order items on the top right are calculated using formulas. If the formulas are removed, they won’t get updated automatically.

  • Hello Indzara,

    I have at lease 100 different location in my warehouse, will I be able to input all of them or is it limited to 10 as stated in the features??

    • Thanks for your message. The template supports only 10 locations. I am sorry that your scenario is not supported yet.

      Best wishes,

  • Hi Indzara! Thank you so much for creating this template. I am entering data into the template and can’t seem to load up the “Analysis” and “Analysis Details” as when I click “Refresh All” from the Data ribbon, I get the error message “Cannot open PivotTable source file”

    Any advice and suggestions would be much appreciated. Thank you so much in advance for your time and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    • You are welcome.

      I have not seen the error before. Please let me know which Excel version and which operating system (Windows/MAC) you are using. Also, please e-mail me the the error screenshots and the file to indzara at gmail. I will look into it.

      Thanks for your support.

      • Thank you for getting back to me! I’m currently using Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 on Windows 8.

        I’ll be on my way to mail you the error screen shots as well as the file to you now.

        • Thank you. I have responded to your e-mail. Please let me know if there are further questions.

  • how can I add a column that calculate automatically, the benefits for each cell operation and the total of benefits for week or month , thank you

  • Hey, Thank you for an amazing template.
    I would immediately purchase it if you could implement a barcodescanner.
    So instead of typing in all products – i scann them.
    I hope you can add this feature.


  • I ordered it today, hope you can address my issue statted above and modify program to address my concern….any ways it is very good product and excellent work and will recommend strongly


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