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Simplified data input and Effective visual output lead to less stress. Our philosophy is Simple & Effective. is founded on the belief that simple tools can be effective too. We provide 100+ free and premium high-quality Excel and Google Sheet templates covering the areas of Small Business Management, HR, Project Management, Data Visualization, Finance Management, Calendars and more.

These simple templates are designed to help us make smarter decisionssave time by automating manual tasks and eliminate human errors by leveraging computers. You will also save money by using our free and affordable premium templates.

Simplify your Small Business Management with our collection of inventory, order and finance management templates. Create invoices and purchase orders. Monitor business sales performance with extensive reporting.

Excel templates covering various aspects of Project Management including project planning, management, resource planning, task management, Gantt charts and Project Calendars.

Excel templates designed for Managers and HR professionals to manage Hr related tasks/processes and employee data. Recruitment manager, Employee PTO calculator, Vacation Planner, New Employee Checklist, Calendar Maker and more.

Free and Premium Excel Calendar Templates. Create customized personal calendars in Excel for any year. Annual, Monthly, Weekly and Daily calendar views.

Geographic Heat Map Excel Templates, Product Rating Report and Activity Pattern Heat Maps with data visualization.

Excel Templates built for school or educational institutions. Track student attendance and create printable reports. Create Report cards for academic performance. Create School academic Calendars.

Manage your personal finances in Excel. Track multiple Bank accounts and credit cards. Set Budgets and compare expenses against them. Understand expense categories and take control of your finances.

Templates to view the current price and other data for one or multiple stocks or currencies, to view the price history for one or multiple stocks, to view the dashboard summary of the stock market as a whole and much more.

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Fion NeoRecruitment

This is a not just a time-saving template, but a career-saving template! Talk about how cost-effective and efficient it is in tracking all of my recruitment! Before the purchase of this template, I have different excel workbooks to track all of my recruitment. Now, everything is within the same workbook!


Excellent template and amazing support. Easy to customize also! Was able to implement a lot of changes without issues, since is based on pure excel not VBA!

Angelica De DiosRetail Business

Thank you for this excellent tool! I can now track my business much easier and with efficiency! Great work!

Lisa WolfeLeave Mgmt

I work as a Supervisor in a Healthcare related Call Center. This excel template has helped me drill down on my Agent's team to bring a high-level read-out reporting to all executive meetings and quickly deep-dive into better ways to retain Agents. Impressed by how easy this is!

Kim SmithFinance

This product is so easy to use. I love that you input all your transactions on one page and it automatically transfers everything to the correct pages to give you different views for your business. I am so glad I found this website! I am sure I will be purchasing more products from them in the future.

Edwin LSales

Really no other way to describe it other than "Simple and effective". Great user interface that just takes a spreadsheet to a higher level.