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  • I am from Kuwait. Looking for software for School Management System. Right from admission, Billing, Collection, outstanding, Grade wise, Sibling Discount) Staff Children Discount.
    Here all the students are registered with parent account. In Books we need to create parent account(mandatory) and should be linked with student account.

    By default system should create invoice week before due date. Like academic year starts from 1st Sep and ends on 31st Aug. So 1st Invoice for registration fee along with 1st installment due amount is on 1st Sep, 2nd invoice to generate on 1st Dec & 3rd and final invoice to generate on 1st Mar. All due fees must settle on or before 31st Mar.

    Sibling discount is applicable only if parent settle their dues on or before 31st March. Sibling discount is 10 % from the 2nd enrolled child.

    All this should be available in table so as per need of the school it can change.

    HR & Payroll management: Complete HR & Payroll system with attendance, Leave tracking, lateness, Absent, MTD & YTD availed & Balance, Employee Advance.
    Teaching staff & Non Teaching staff entitlement days of Leave and work days in particular academic year.

    • Thanks for sharing your requirements.

      We are not accepting customized projects due to the existing workload.

      Best wishes

      • Thanks for your message.

        Please advise which template and it’s features you are referring to.

        Best wishes

  • Hello there.
    Great stuff you people. Very simple, and precise.
    However, do you guys have a template to manage school fees collection for a school. If so please kindly share it.
    You should also make templates for tracking school supplies, library management, salary payments.
    Otherwise you guy’s are doing some great work.
    Much appreciated!

    • Thanks for your interest in our templates.
      We have taken your feedback and will try to develop these templates soon.
      Best wishes

  • So please tell me that how extant table and what is the formula for that

    • Hello

      You may extend the table, however, the reports would get affected.

      Best wishes

  • Hello first of all thank you for making report card tamplet. Sir I need to extend students large number how could I, please help me


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