Simple & Effective Google Sheets Templates for Human Resource professionals

If you’re an HR professional, look no further – we provide a comprehensive suite of tools tailored to streamline your HR operations with ease and efficiency.

The realm of HR encompasses numerous domains, including recruitment, training, salary administration, attendance management, performance evaluation, employee growth, retention, and more.

Streamlining processes requires tools that not only save time but also ensure precision in calculations, bolster decision-making, uphold data security, and facilitate secure sharing.

Welcome the potential of Google Sheets!

At, we’ve meticulously crafted pre-designed Google Sheets templates, primed for seamless integration into your company’s operations, resulting in an instant enhancement of your HR processes.

These templates are more than just time-savers – they serve as catalysts for informed business decisions, concurrently cutting costs and saving time through automated functionalities.

We possess a profound understanding of the right utilization of HR data, driving both operational and strategic decisions, ultimately contributing to improved employee welfare and job satisfaction, and ultimately driving the organization’s goals!

Below, you’ll discover our assortment of templates, diligently categorized by functionalities:


Having a proper Recruitment tracker isn’t just an advantage – it’s a necessity! Seamlessly managing candidates, identifying bottlenecks, and improving hiring efficiency are the cornerstones of successful hiring processes.

Recognizing this, we present our Recruitment Tracker dashboard in Google Sheets. Instantly gain insights on key metrics, active open positions, recruitment funnel, and much more!

  • Recruitment Tracker Dashboard – Google Sheet Template for Simplified Hiring Process

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If you need to track the hiring of only one job at a time, you can check out our free recruitment tracker template.

We also have step by step instructions on how you can create your own simple recruitment tracker template.


After hiring an employee, effective onboarding becomes crucial for ensuring a swift transition to productivity. Our HR onboarding template is created just for this!

With our HR Compliance Training Dashboard, monitor training progress, issue certifications, and stay compliant with necessary regulations – hassle-free!

  • Compliance Training Dashboard Google Sheet Template

Ensure a successful start for every new hire with our New Employee Checklist. From paperwork to introductions, make their first days informed and engaging.


Once an employee successfully joins the organization, it’s essential to periodically assess their skills and proactively address any gaps. Our Skills Dashboard helps pinpoint training needs for each employee’s skill set.

  • HR Skills Dashboard Google Sheet Template

Maximize your workforce potential with our Learning and Development dashboard, tracking training progress and ROI. Identify impactful training and trainers, allowing strategic investment in courses that offer the greatest company-wide advantages.

  • Training Learning and Development Dashboard Google Sheet Template


Efficiently monitoring attendance and leave is a key responsibility in workplaces. By comprehensively tracking time off, you ensure optimal project planning, eliminating unforeseen staff shortages that can disrupt workflow and project timelines. Your team’s cohesion and project success hinge on this vital insight into planned absences.


Our Team Vacation Planner template is designed to help you be a better planner.

This template identifies understaffed days and aids you in better planning, taking into account upcoming holidays and vacations.

  • Team Vacation Planner Google Sheet Template


In certain companies, Paid Time Off (PTO) accumulates based on an employee’s tenure, often resulting in intricate accrual rules. No need to fret – we’ve got you covered.

For situations where PTO accrual aligns with hours worked, our Employee PTO tracker (Hourly) offers the ideal solution. Simplify your PTO management with precision and ease with these Google Sheet templates!


Few companies necessitate reporting on various employee leave types. Our free leave tracker template perfectly suits such situations.

For a more comprehensive solution, Indzara ‘s Leave Manager template goes the extra mile. It allows you to allocate fixed leave entitlements, automatically calculating employees’ current leave balances. Streamline leave management effortlessly and precisely with this template.

  • Employee Leave Manager Google Sheet Template

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Our PTO Manager (Salaried) template handles the intricate calculations, providing a user-friendly tool to monitor PTO balances. Try it out with a free single Employee PTO tracker.


Tracking employee work hours with Google Sheets is a prevalent HR practice. Our Timesheets Manager tool streamlines this process with minimal data input, automatically producing customizable timesheets tailored to your preferences.

  • Timesheet Manager Google Sheet Template

Try it firsthand with our single-employee timesheet template – the perfect opportunity to explore its capabilities.


For complete compensation reporting, explore our widely used and most popular, Salary Structure template that can create a tailored pay structure for your organization.

Additionally, if you require an employee bonus planning solution, our Bonus Planner template is designed to meet your needs effectively.

  • Salary Structure Calculator Google Sheet Template


Discover our highly sought-after 9-box grid template, allowing you to craft personalized grids for talent assessment within your organization. This straightforward yet impactful tool enhances talent management strategies.

  • 9 Box Grid Talent Management Google Sheet Template

For a more comprehensive and holistic approach to employee performance management, our Performance Dashboard template offers advanced insights and features to elevate your performance assessment process


Experience the ultimate Employee Retention Dashboard, your comprehensive toolkit for all employee retention metrics. With just a basic employee input, unlock profound insights into attrition, paving the way for enhanced retention strategies.

Benefit from:

  • 7 potent Employee Retention KPIs
  • 3 visually engaging Dashboards

Explore our newest addition, the Flight Risk template, designed to identify and manage talent at risk of departing, allowing you to take proactive measures.

Easily gauge employee loyalty and satisfaction with our Free Employee Net Promoter Score template.


Empower your HR department with the ability to seamlessly oversee critical areas of headcount, diversity, and pay equity through our comprehensive HR Admin Dashboard template.

Engage with a wealth of features, including our 6 meticulously automated reports:

  1. Headcount Report: Gain a real-time grasp of your team’s composition.
  2. Diversity Report: Evaluate inclusivity and diversity within your workforce.
  3. Salary Distribution Report: Visualize the distribution of salaries for informed decision-making.
  4. Salary Grade Report: Efficiently manage salary grades and their alignment.
  5. Pay Equity Report: Ensure fairness and equity across compensation structures.
  6. Trends Report: Track patterns and trends to strategically enhance your HR practices.

Elevate your HR management to new heights with our all-encompassing solution.

  • HR Administration Dashboard Google Sheet Template

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