Stocks Watch List in Google Sheets – LIVE Market Updates

You can use this template to build your own watch list of stocks.

Stocks Watch list template

In this article, let us go over the free Stocks Watch list template and its features.


Template features

Stocks Watchlist Google Sheets Template

This template can be used to create your own list of stocks that you want to track performance.

  1. Add a stock exchange and ticker symbol to the table and instantly see performance data
  2. Customizable columns to display data of your choice
  3. 21 day price history data trends shown
  4. Indicator to highlight if a stock price exceeds previous 21 days’ high
  5. Indicator to highlight if a stock price is lower than previous 21 days’ low

To add a new stock to your watchlist, just type a stock symbol in the cell just below the existing symbols – as shown below.

Stock Watchlist: Add a stock of your choice to the watch list

You can see the trading volume, current price, change and change %.

You can also see the 52 week price range of each of the stocks.

Stock Watchlist: 52 week price range

Customizable Columns

There are two customizable columns as well.

Stock Watchlist: 2 Customizable columns

You can change what is displayed in these two columns easily.

The drop down list shows all the available fields that you can choose from.

21 day history

We also have the price history for the previous 21 days.

Stock Watchlist: Price History

Changing the rules for colors

To change the colors of the arrows, you can change the conditional formatting rules.

Stock Watchlist: Colors of the Change % arrows

You can change the conditions easily by typing in a different value for the Green and Yellow colors.

Recent performance Indicator

We also have a column to indicate recent performance.

Stock Watchlist: Recent Performance Indicator

If the price > max (21 days history of closing prices) then we will see a check mark.

If the price < min (21 days history of closing prices) then we will see a cross mark.

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Please share your experience. I expect this to be different with different exchanges and countries. Is it working for you? Is it working differently? I would love to hear from you.

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