Resource Planning Calendar Excel Template

Do you manage multiple projects, and resources? Do you often find yourself struggling to meet project deadlines and allocate resources effectively?

Look no further! We are excited to introduce our free Microsoft Excel template, the “Resource Planning Calendar.”

This powerful tool is designed to simplify project management and help you optimize your resource allocation for any type of project.

Resource Planning Calendar Excel Template: Dashboard

Key Features of the Resource Planning Calendar Excel Template

The following are the highlights of the template.

  • Simple data entry process
    • Easy to enter data in excel file.
  • Customize settings to meet your business needs
    • Customize the SETTINGS sheet to suit your needs.
  • Practical Features
    • The template generates a comprehensive resource calendar that showcases the assigned tasks and corresponding demand for each resource
  • Automated Calculations
    • Fully Automated Calendar view


To get comprehensive dashboards with resource capacity as compared with demand and much more features, please see the Resource Capacity Planner Excel Template.

How to use the Resource Planning Calendar Excel Template

Once you download the template, you’ll receive a Microsoft Excel file .

Here is the overview of steps to use the template.

  • Enter all the one time settings details
  • Enter the project and its corresponding task with demand in the Demand sheet
  • Once a particular task needs to be met, assign a resource.
  • After the data entry, view the fully automated Resource Calendar.

Step 1: Enter Settings

Enter the start date from which the project starts. Also, enter the project relate details like the project category.
Enter the list of resources and the role they play.

Resource Planning Calendar – Data Settings

Enter the unique list of projects and which category do they fall under. These are just one time settings you’d be making.

Resource Planning Calendar - Data Settings

Step 2: Enter Demand

In the “DEMAND” sheet, enter the list of projects and the tasks under them with their expected start and end date. Also enter the demand for each of these tasks.

Once when there is a need to fill up that demand, allocate a resource against a particular task.

Resource Planning Calendar – Demand Data

Step 3: View Resource Planning Excel Template

Once the demand sheet gets filled, you can view the automatically generated Resource based calendar.

The resource calendar provides a clear overview of each resource’s workload, allowing you to identify any over or underutilization. This visibility enables you to make timely adjustments, ensuring that resources are appropriately distributed.

Resource Planning Calendar – Resource Calendar

You can use the time dimension and start dates slicer to view the status of resource allocated against each demand, and ensure no resource is under or over utilized. By having a quick yet comprehensive overview, you can save valuable time and reduces unnecessary costs associated with inefficient resource management.

Benefits of this template

  • Improved project efficiency: With effective resource management, be rest assured to stay on top of your project and their deadlines!
  • Clear Resource Visibility: Having a calendar view of resources helps in identifying bottle necks like under or over utilized resources.
  • Enhanced Planning and Decision Making: With accurate demand management and resource tracking, you can make informed decisions about project timelines, staffing requirements, and resource optimization.
  • Time and Cost Savings: By eliminating manual resource tracking and optimizing resource allocation, this template helps save time and costs

Don’t let poor resource planning hinder your project success!

Download our free Resource Planning Calendar Excel template and experience the benefits of streamlined project management. Simply input your project details, track resource demand, and visualize resource allocation for improved efficiency and productivity.

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