Eisenhower Matrix – Google Sheet Template

Are you struggling to juggle numerous tasks and projects, finding it challenging to prioritize what truly matters?

Introducing the Indzara’ Eisenhower Matrix template also known as the “Urgent-Important Matrix template”, a powerful time management tool that helps you prioritize your time and resources on tasks based on their Importance and Urgency, enabling you to make informed decisions and focus on priorities.

At Indzara, we understand the importance of effective task and time management in achieving your goals. This template is created, keeping in mind the same, with simple data entry which takes no time.

Get a fully automated dashboard with the 4 grids of the Eisenhower Matrix within minutes!

The Eisenhower Matrix Google Sheet Template – The Dashboard

The different quadrants gives a quick overview of which tasks needs to be prioritized, typically:

  1. Do: These are important and urgent tasks that needs immediate attention like an issue, or escalation, a deadline etc.,
  2. Schedule: Such tasks are important but can be scheduled for a later day or time like planning for the next quarter or next review.
  3. Delegate: These tasks may not be important but they are to be met within a certain timeframe and may be delegated to other team members.
  4. Delete: These tasks are neither important nor urgent and may end up consuming valuable time; such tasks can be eliminated altogether.

Where this matrix can be used?

The Eisenhower Matrix can be applied in various scenarios to streamline your workflow and boost productivity:

  1. Personal Productivity: Organize your daily tasks and personal projects to achieve your goals efficiently.
  2. Project Management: Effectively manage and delegate tasks based on their importance and urgency to maximize productivity.
  3. Time Management: Prioritize your time effectively, ensuring crucial tasks receive the attention they deserve.
  4. Team Collaboration: Coordinate with your team, delegating tasks strategically for collective success.

Features of the Eisenhower Matrix Google Sheet Template

The following are the highlights of the template.

  • Visualization
    • Elegant and easy-to-understand visuals make this template stand out.
    • Completion status of each of the tasks under the four quadrants are shown next to tasks.
  • Applicable to any type of project
    • The simple settings enable you to customize the tasks to cater to different projects or for personal time management.
  • Simple data entry
    • A powerful time management tool with the simplicity of using a Google Sheet file!
    • All it takes is a few simple steps and minimal time to get started.
  • Fully Automated
    • View the Eisenhower Matrix which is fully automated and instantly created with the input data.


How to use the Indzara Eisenhower Matrix Template

Once you download the PDF, you’ll receive two links: a Google Sheet template file and a sample file. 

The overview of the steps to create your own matrix are:

  • Step 1: Define the settings
  • Step 2: Enter data for your tasks
  • Step 3: View the fully automated matrix!

Now let’s take a detailed look at each step.

Step 1: Enter Settings

Here enter all the project and project-related information based on your organization’s requirements like the resources, teams, departments, roles etc.,

Enter Settings Sheet Details – Eisenhower Matrix

Step 2: Enter the Task Data

In this sheet, enter all the task information, this includes the unique Task ID, task name, projects, their resources etc.,

Along with this enter the task’s Urgency and Importance in the columns given. You can enter the status of the task as well.

Enter Task Data – Eisenhower Matrix

Step 3: View the Automated Eisenhower Matrix

Once these steps are completed, the template automatically generates the 4 quadrants of the Eisenhower Matrix, instantly. You can view up to 20 tasks under each quadrant here, at a time.

The fully automated Eisenhower Matrix

The matrix can be viewed based on a set of dimensions like Task Name, Project, Importance or Urgency, their completion status etc.

Dimensions : Eisenhower Matrix

To get a detailed, drilled-down overview, the template also comes with a set of filters:

Filters in the Eisenhower Matrix View

Don’t let tasks overwhelm you; prioritize, delegate, and achieve success efficiently with the Eisenhower Matrix from Indzara.

Get started today and be on top of your priorities, download now!!!

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