Indzara is founded on the belief that simple tools can be effective too. We provide 100+ free and premium high-quality Excel and Google Sheet templates covering the areas of Small Business Management, HR, Project Management, Data Visualization, Finance Management, Calendars and more.

These simple templates are designed to help us make smarter decisionssave time by automating manual tasks and eliminate human errors by leveraging computers. You will also save money by using our free and affordable premium templates.

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My name is Dinesh Natarajan Mohan and my background is in reporting and analytics. I have led teams of managers, analysts and developers in building strong reporting and analytical platforms that helped make sound business decisions in Finance, Marketing and Operations domains of large corporations in U.S. LinkedIn profile.

I believe that simple tools can lead to effective solutions for common needs at home and in business environments. These tools, developed to leverage the power of computers and commonly available software, can vastly improve decision making. It can help us save time, money and energy. My goal is to build and share such tools/solutions. I also hope to learn a lot along the way.

In order for my solutions to reach a wide audience, I decided to choose from the most commonly available software applications on computers worldwide. I chose Microsoft Excel as it is not only one of the most widely available and used applications in the world, it is also one of the most powerful ones.

Top 10 Reasons why why I chose Excel

Though I have used it for more than 20 years (on and off), I am not even close to an Excel expert. I learn a lot everyday from Excel experts (List of Excel Experts that I learn from) The users need to have just Microsoft Excel installed in their computers in order to benefit from my solutions.

I am now creating and sharing Microsoft Excel templates. Even though I am calling them ‘templates’, they are just Excel documents (.xlsx) that you can download and use for your purpose with your own data.

They are built with the following in mind

Practical functionality

  • My solutions do not require expertise in Excel. They are built with Excel beginners in mind. I take steps during template creation to eliminate occurrence of errors due to wrong data entry. I also provide actionable error messages where appropriate.

Practical functionality

  • The template should actually be useful for the user in a real-life scenario. It needs to solve a pain-point.

Clear instructions

  • I provide detailed blog posts and video tutorials about the features of the templates and how to use them. We also have a dedicated Support portal with extensive knowledge base articles.


  • I listen to user feedback and improve the templates in order to make them useful for as many as possible.
Dinesh Natarajan Mohan

The templates help with:

  • Making smarter decisions
  • Automating recurring tasks and saving time
  • Eliminating manual errors
  • Assisting in information management and retrieval

So far, I have created Excel templates for

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Thanks for your support.