Simple and Effective Google Sheets Templates Tailored for Small Businesses

Explore our Small Business Google Sheets Templates collection, your go-to resource for conquering the unique challenges small businesses encounter.

For Small Business owners, our meticulously crafted templates offer seamless management solutions, addressing everything from invoicing and accounting to CRM and inventory management. Elevate your business with our instantly ease-to-use, fully automated Google Sheets templates.

Discover a comprehensive range of critical business functions within our template collection, including:


With our hot selling Invoice Manager Google Sheet Template, you can streamline solutions for small business invoice and payment management.

Simplify your operations with a user-friendly interface, handle partial and extra payments effortlessly, track revenue trends, stay on top of unpaid invoices, and generate customer summaries, all in one convenient tool.

Try using our Free Invoice Tracker Template in Google Sheets to keep track of the sales invoices and payments made by customers in one place.

  • Invoice Manager Google Sheet Template


Unlock financial control effortlessly with our Small Business Finance Manager Google Sheet template. Your one-stop tool for all accounting needs.

Simplify your financial management, save time, and gain valuable insights to make informed decisions with our intuitive design and comprehensive features:

  • Manage all transactions in one file
  • Effortlessly generate Profit and Loss Statements
  • Track account balances, and monitor cash flow
  • Small Business Finance Manager Google Sheet Template


Effortlessly manage your business’s inventory and raw materials with our Manufacturing: Inventory & Sales Manager template in Google Sheets.

Running a business that involves purchasing from suppliers and selling to customers across multiple warehouse locations?

Streamline your operations with our Retail Business Manager (Pro) Template.  Effortlessly manage inventories, prices, customer invoices, and purchase orders.

Use our Retail Manager Google Sheets Template if you have only one location to manage.

Simplify your rental business with our Rental Inventory and Sales Manager Google Sheet Template.  Effortlessly manage assets, customers, and orders, instantly check asset availability, and generate customizable invoices for printing or exporting as PDFs.

  • Rental Inventory and Sales Manager Excel Template

CRM Templates

Optimize your sales pipeline management effortlessly using our best-selling Sales Pipeline Manager Google Sheets Template. Achieve unparalleled insight into your sales funnel, enabling data-driven decisions for improved conversions and higher sales, all without the need for expensive CRM software.

Sales Pipeline Manager: Dashboard

Try our free Sales Pipeline Tracker with limited functionalities now!


Our free Inventory Tracker Google Sheets template is tailor-made for small businesses engaged in product manufacturing or assembly using raw materials. Easily monitor your current raw material stock levels with this user-friendly template.

Gain full control over your inventory and order management with our Free Retail Inventory Google Sheets Template. Designed specifically for retail businesses, this powerful tool simplifies the process of purchasing from suppliers and selling to customers.

Take charge of your inventory tracking and rental management with our Free Rental Inventory Tracker Google Sheet Template.

Join countless small business owners who have revolutionized their operations with our Small Business Google Sheets templates. Streamline your workflows, gain valuable insights, and concentrate on your core mission – driving your business to new heights with our thoroughly designed templates!

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