HR Templates for Excel, Power BI & Google Sheets

Simple tools can be effective too. We have developed simple and effective templates designed for HR (Human Resources) professionals. 

These tools can help you take smarter business decisions, in addition to saving time and money by automation. 

We have solutions developed in three different platforms. 1. Microsoft Power BI, 2. Microsoft Excel, 3. Google Sheets. You can choose the one you prefer.

Indazara Clients

What our valued clients say about our HR Excel Templates

Premium Human Resource Power BI Templates

Create effective reports and  dashboards with our premium HR Power BI Templates.  HR professionals can get access to real-time visibility of data allowing them to generate enhanced HR KPIs & gain immediate insights.

Check out our Premium HR Power BI Templates below.

Premium Human Resource Excel Templates

The ultimate HR Excel Templates for HR professionals.

Get accurate insights on Employee Recruitment, Employee Retention, Employee Leave Tracking, Salary Structure & more with our premium HR Excel Templates.