Simple & Effective Excel Templates for Human Resource professionals

If you are an HR professional, we have you covered with all the tools you would need to execute your HR processes effectively and efficiently.

There are several areas that HR organizations oversee. Recruiting, Training, Salary management, Attendance management, Benefits, Performance Management, Employee Growth, Retention and more.

You need tools that automate the tasks to save time, establish accuracy in calculations, improve the quality of decisions you take, keeps data secure and makes it easy to share securely.

Microsoft Excel, the Swiss-army knife of all tools, is here to help you.

We at have developed templates in Excel that are pre-built to instantly help you implement in your company, to improve your HR processes immediately.

These tools can help you take smarter business decisions, in addition to saving time and money by automation. 

We understand how to use HR data responsibly to drive operational and strategic decisions and improve employee well-being and satisfaction.

Please find below our templates organized by topic. 


It all starts with hiring of employees to your company. We have the templates to manage the hiring process and improve it. 

We have a Recruitment Dashboard template to track hiring of open positions in your company. You can gain valuable insights into your process instantly.

  • Recruitment Tracker Dashboard Excel Template for Simplified Hiring Process

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If you need to track hiring of only one job at a time, you can check out our free recruitment tracker template.

We also have step by step instructions on how you can create your own simple recruitment tracker template.


Once an employee is hired, it is extremely important to onboard the employee effectively to ensure a fast time to productivity. Our HR Onboarding Dashboard aids you in this!

Use our Compliance Training Dashboard to ensure that all employees complete the required training to stay in compliance with local and company regulations.

If you are looking for a simple checklist to track tasks for new employees in your onboarding process, check out our New Employee Checklist template.

  • Compliance Training Dashboard Excel Template


After an employee onboards and becomes a part of the working groups, it is time to take a skills inventory and ensure that any skill gaps are continuously identified and addressed.

Use our Skills Dashboard to identify which employees need training on which skills.

  • HR Skills Dashboard Excel Template

Use our Learning and Development dashboard to track trainings taken by employees and Return on Investment (ROI) of the trainings.

Identify the positive ROI trainings and trainers. Add more investment into trainings that bring the most benefits to the company.


Tracking attendance and leave or vacation is a very common task at work places. Understanding who will be taking time off will help plan projects without any surprises due to staff shortage.


Our Team Vacation Planner template is designed to help you be a better planner.

  • Team Vacation Planner Excel Template

A free version with limited functionality is available here.


In some companies, Paid time off is accrued based on tenure (how long the employee has been employed with the company). The accrual rules can get complicated quite quickly. No worries. We got that covered too.

In scenarios, where PTO accrual is based on hours worked by employee. Use our Employee PTO tracker (Hourly) if you need a solution for that. 


In some companies, it is required to report on different types of leave taken by employees. Our free leave tracker template is ideal for those scenarios.

If you would like to further expand by adding leave balance calculations, our Leave Manager template is there for you. You can assign a fixed leave entitlement for employees and the template will calculate the current leave balance for employees for you. 

Our PTO Manager (Salaried) template takes care of all the complex calculations and presents a simple tool to track your employees’ PTO balances. Take a test drive with a free single Employee PTO tracker

  • Paid Time Off Manager Excel Template


One of the most common uses of Excel in the field of HR is to track time worked by employees. We have our Timesheets Manager tool that uses minimal data entry and automatically generates the timesheets while giving a lot of flexibility to customize it to your needs. 

  • Timesheet Manager Excel Template


When it comes to compensation reporting, we have our popular Salary Structure template which can develop a salary/pay structure for your company.

If you are looking for a employee bonus planning tool, check out our Bonus planner template.

  • Salary Structure Calculator Excel Template


One of our most popular templates is the 9-box grid template which you can use to create customized 9-box grids for your company. A simple but very effective talent management tool.

  • 9 Box Grid Talent Management Excel Template

For more advanced employee performance management, use our Performance Dashboard template.

  • HR Performance Dashboard Excel Template


Retention - 3 Automated Dashboards

Our Employee Retention Dashboard is a one-stop solution for all metrics related to employee retention. Just a simple data entry of list of employees in your company can yield amazing insights about employee attrition and help you improve retention.

  • 7 Highly effective Employee Retention Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • 3 visually effective and interactive Dashboards


A new addition to our template library is the Flight Risk template which helps you identify talent that are at risk of leaving the company and take actions.


hr kpi scorecard screenshot

If you are looking for a highly customizable HR KPI dashboard, please check out our HR KPI Scorecard template. It provides scorecard and dashboard views, where you can customize the KPIs your company wants to track.

One of the common asks for HR department is to monitor headcount, diversity and pay equity. We have all that and more covered in HR Admin Dashboard template. 


6 Automated Reports

  1. Headcount Report
  2. Diversity Report
  3. Salary Distribution Report
  4. Salary Grade Report
  5. Pay Equity Report
  6. Trends Report
  • HR Administration Dashboard Excel Template

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