2024 Recruitment Tracker – Free Google Sheet Template

Are you a hiring manager or recruiter facing talent acquisition challenges? Download our Recruitment Tracker Google Sheets template for streamlined recruitment and great hiring insights. Manage and monitor applicant progress easily with our dashboard.

Gain visibility into applicant flow and identify candidate drop-off points. Make smarter hiring decisions by understanding why some candidates weren’t selected.

This template is designed for Google Sheets, but if you are looking for an Excel template, please visit Recruitment Tracker in Excel. We also have a comprehensive Recruitment Dashboard using Power BI.

Recruitment Tracker 2024 Google Sheets: Dashboard


This template is designed to handle one job opening only, check our Recruitment Tracker Dashboard in Google Sheets that handles multiple job openings and multiple hires with additional features.


Our thoughtfully designed dashboard offers full automation, providing you with almost immediate access to key insights. Lets take a look at each of them below.

Key Hiring Metrics

Recruitment Tracker 2024 Google Sheets: Metrics

For recruiters, understanding the effectiveness and efficiency of your recruitment process is vital. Our dashboard metrics provide precisely that insight!

Track the number of received applications and open positions, monitor offer statistics, and calculate the average time it takes to fill open roles. These insights inform critical hiring decisions, such as expediting the hiring process to reduce time-to-hire and more.

Recruitment Funnel

To know at which stage candidates are more likely to drop off is crucial. The recruitment funnel shows you just that:

Recruitment Tracker 2024 Google Sheets: Recruitment Funnel

Days taken for each stage

Determine whether there’s a bottleneck – if a specific stage in your recruitment process is causing significant delays and prolonging the time it takes to fill a job vacancy.

Recruitment Tracker 2024 Google Sheets: Days Taken per Stage

Open Applications in Each Stage

Know exactly how many applications are in which stage of recruiting with the following visual:

Recruitment Tracker 2024 Google Sheets: Open Applications per Stage

Source and Decline Reasons

Identify the application sources yielding higher-quality candidates by comparing the offer percentages from these channels. This assists in making informed decisions regarding your recruiting source channels.

Recruitment Tracker 2024 Google Sheets: Source Contribution

Gaining insight into the causes of candidate rejections helps you identify application process shortcomings. Similarly, understanding why candidates decline your offers empowers you to align job descriptions or manage expectations effectively with your company’s leadership.

Recruitment Tracker 2024 Google Sheets: Decline Reasons

Once an opening is closed with a successful recruit, you can view the details of the new recruit with this visual:

Recruitment Tracker 2024 Google Sheets: Hired Candidate Details

How to track recruiting in Google Sheets?

Step by Step Tutorial

Following are the steps:

  1. Enter Settings information
  2. Input candidate or applicant information
  3. View Dashboard

Step 1: Enter the Settings

The Settings: In this sheet, define your recruitment tracking templates’ key details like the stages of application, its source and the decline reasons as per your organization.

Recruitment Tracker 2024 : Settings

Step 2: The Applications

This is where you’ll enter all the information related to the candidates/applicants for the open position.

Begin with the job title, the recruiter and the job posting date

Recruitment Tracker 2024: Job Opening Details

Once applicants start coming in, the same details can be entered as shown below along with their source in the respective columns.

Recruitment Tracker 2024: Applicant Data

As candidates progress through stages, input their stage-specific dates, along with hire and joining dates upon selection. For rejections, mark “Not Hired” and provide a decline reason. Additional columns are available for your comments and cost.

Step 3: View Dashboard

These steps complete the data entry process for your automated applicant tracking system. You can now access the Dashboard sheet to utilize metrics and visuals for important hiring decisions or share them with senior management. Happy recruiting!


The recruitment sheet template is designed to be used for tracking recruitment for only one job. If you need to track for a second job, make a copy of the file and use.

Please do not make a copy of the sheet in the same file. It will not work that way.

Recommended Templates

To track multiple job openings and for more recruitment metrics on quality and efficiency, buy our premium Recruitment Tracker Dashboard in Google Sheets.


  • Hello Teams! This product seems amazing and makes my job more simple. However what if i want to add more STAGE e.g ( technical test,business case) how can i do that. Thanks all

  • Hello, I have gone through your template which is really good. I am recruitment manager therefore its helpful for me. Can you create template wherein I need one interview evaluation / feedback form which I can share it with multiple managers (since one position gets evaluated by multiple managers) for multiple candidates. Like this way, I can store data / feedback ratings in one place.

  • Hi there, have you created one where we can track multiple jobs in one file? Also, I need to report how many people I have messaged from the applicants and people I’ve messaged on LinkedIn. Is there a way to neatly document the number/people I have sent a message to? Thanks!

    • Thank you for showing interest in our template.

      Yes we have Recruitment Manager Excel template which can be used for tracking multiple jobs and application source. You can upload the template in OneDrive and use Excel online, which is similar to Google Sheet with live update and more. Following is the link to the product.

      We also take customization projects for additional fee. Requesting to contact for any support.

      Best wishes.

  • Hello all! This product seems amazing. However, your google sheet applicant tracking system version only supports one job. Have you created or will you create one that will support multiple jobs and positions in one file?

    Thank you so much – again, amazing product!

    • Thank you for using our template and sharing your valuable feedback.

      To add multiple job and positions, requesting to check our Recruitment Manager Excel sheet. You can upload the same in OneDrive and use Excel Online, which is similar to Google Sheet with live update and more. Following is the link to the product:

      Best wishes.


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