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Are you finding it difficult to track how good your recruitment process is?

Do you hear about terms like People analytics, recruitment KPIs and recruitment funnel, but not sure how to get that for your HR organization?

Do you want to cut down recruiting cost and time, but not sure how?

Do you want to make smart investment choices when it comes to your application sourcing channels to improve conversion rates?

Do you want to easily learn from best practices that are happening in one part of your company and implement it across the entire company?


If you believe optimized recruitment processes can be afforded by only large enterprises or it would require a lot of your time in data entry,

We present a Simple and Effective process for tracking recruitment in your company, using a single Excel file.

5 Step process to track recruitment or hiring process

5 Step Process to track recruitment
5 Step Process to track recruitment

The steps have been designed to keep data entry as minimal as possible, while retaining ability to gain valuable insights about the recruitment process.

Amazing Insights

You will have access to Hiring efficiency KPIs:

  • Number of Candidates Hired
  • Average time it takes to fill an opening
  • Total cost of hiring
  • Cost per hire
Recruitment Dashboard - Showing Hiring efficiency KPIs
Recruitment Dashboard – Showing Hiring efficiency KPIs


Know if there is a bottleneck in your process – if one recruiting step is taking a long time and extending your overall time to fill an opening.

Days taken for each stage
Days taken for each stage


Know which sources contribute the most of your hires in terms of quantity.

Sources contribution to hiring
Sources contribution to hiring

Quality of applications is extremely important to monitor.

  • Number of Applications Received
  • Offer %
  • Offer Acceptance %
  • Hired % of applications
Recruitment Dashboard - Quality of Applications KPIs
Recruitment Dashboard – Quality of Applications KPIs


Recruitment funnel provides you great insights – for example, do a lot of candidates fall out very early in the process indicating the lack of fit of applications to the jobs, or do they fall out in one specific later step may be technical interview indicating that there is a specific skill that is hard to find in the market.

Recruitment Funnel
Recruitment Funnel


You can identify which application sources bring you better quality of candidates as you can compare the hired % for the sources.

Application Source Performance
Application Source Performance

Knowing why you are declining the candidates will help identify what’s missing in the applications. Knowing why candidates decline your offers will help you modify the job or reset expectations accordingly with your company leadership.

Decline Reasons Analysis
Decline Reasons Analysis


Know how many jobs are currently open and how large the active pipeline is.


  • Number of Open Positions
  • Avg. Days in Market for Open positions
  • Number of Pending Applications
  • Applications per open Position


Recruitment Dashboard - Active Pipeline & Open Jobs
Recruitment Dashboard – Active Pipeline & Open Jobs

Know exactly how many applications are in which stage of recruiting.

Active Pipeline of candidates
Active Pipeline of candidates

Monitor and close out pending applications and inform candidates accordingly.

Pending Applications by Applied Month
Pending Applications by Applied Month

Have instant view of positions that are not filled for a long time.

Jobs open for a long time
Jobs open for a long time


Analyze the KPIs by Department, Location or Hiring Manager to find the best performing areas. Reach out to them and find the best practices. Document them and try to implement them across the company.

Analysis of KPIs by Location
Analysis of KPIs by Location

Customize according to your needs

We can have up to 10 recruitment stages and we can rename them as we need to suit our organization.

Enter recruitment Stages
Enter recruitment Stages

Job Report

View all the candidates for a job in one view to compare comments/notes and make a decision on hiring.

Job Report
Job Report

Our Promise

Our promise to you is that after downloading this Excel template, within 15 minutes,


You will have a clear and simple streamlined process

You will spend less time in data entry and spend more time with hiring managers and candidates.

You will have instant access to important Recruitment KPIs such as Cost per hire and Time to Fill

You will have amazing insights – How can you reduce the time it takes to hire? Which application sources should I invest more in? Why the candidates are not being selected? Why are offers getting rejected? You can then address those concerns to improve your conversion and reduce cost.

You can identify departments or hiring managers that are doing well in the KPIs. Implement those practices across the entire company, thus improving efficiency and reducing cost.

You can present all this rich insightful information in a simple Recruitment dashboard to your company leadership anytime on demand.



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