Recruitment Tracker 2024 – Free Recruitment Template in Excel

As a hiring manager/recruiter, are you currently navigating the challenges of talent acquisition? If you’re in search of a simple yet powerful solution to streamline your recruitment process and gain valuable insights through key recruiting metrics, we’ve got you covered, so read along!

Introducing our simple yet versatile Recruitment Tracker Excel template, designed to help you efficiently manage and monitor applicant progress. With this template

With the recruitment dashboard, you’ll gain instant visibility into the number of applicants moving through your hiring process and pinpoint where they drop off. Furthermore, our hiring tracker enables you to effortlessly identify the key reasons why certain candidates were not chosen, facilitating smarter hiring decisions.

Recruitment Dashboard 2024 – Dashboard

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Recruitment Tracking – Simple & Effective

This Excel template is designed for Microsoft Excel, but if you are looking for a Google Sheet template, please visit Recruitment Tracker in Google Sheets. We also have a comprehensive Recruitment Dashboard in Microsoft Power BI.

This template is designed to handle one job opening only, check our Recruitment Tracker Dashboard in Excel that handles multiple job openings and multiple hires with additional features.

Lets take a look at each of the components of the recruitment tracking Excel template. We will go over the dashboard first and then the data entry steps.

Recruitment Tracker Dashboard

Our meticulously designed dashboard is fully automated, allowing you to gain key insights almost immediately.

Key Hiring Metrics (KPIs)

Recruitment Tracker 2024: Metrics

As a recruiter, it’s crucial to know how effective and efficient your recruiting process is. The metrics in the dashboard give you just that!

Take a look at all the additional, key recruitment metrics available in the premium Recruitment Dashboard in this article

Know how many applications were received and how many are open; See how many offers are given and the average days it takes to hire an open position. These insights drive important hiring decisions like how to fill a position faster, thereby reducing time to hire and much more.

Need more metrics and visuals on the quality of applications, active pipelines, do take a look at our Premium Recruitment Dashboard Template using Microsoft Excel.

Recruitment Funnel

To know at which stage candidates are more likely to drop off is crucial. The recruitment funnel shows you just that:

Recruitment Tracker 2024: Recruitment Funnel

Time taken for each stage

Determine whether there’s a bottleneck – if a specific stage in your recruitment process is causing significant delays and prolonging the time it takes to fill a job vacancy.

Recruitment Tracker 2024: Days Taken for Each Stage

Open Applications in each stage

Know exactly how many applications are in which stage of recruiting with the following visual:

Recruitment Tracker 2024: Open Applications

Source Contribution

You can identify which application sources bring you better quality of candidates as you can compare the offer % through these channels. This aids in your recruiting source channel decisions.

Recruitment Tracker 2024: Source Contribution

Application Decline Reasons

Understanding the reasons for candidate rejections will enable you to pinpoint any shortcomings in the application process. Likewise, comprehending why candidates reject your offers empowers you to adjust the job description or align expectations effectively with your company’s leadership.

Recruitment Tracker 2024: Decline Reasons

Once an opening is closed with a successful recruit, you can view the details of the new recruit with this visual:

Recruitment Tracker 2024: Hired Candidate Details

Data Input

To get the amazing dashboard, the data entry steps are really simple and straightforward:

All that’s needed is just two steps, which are explained here:

Step 1: Customize the template for your needs

In the Settings sheet, define your recruitment tracking templates’ key details like the stages of application, source channels and the decline reasons as per your organization.

Recruitment Tracker 2024: Settings

Step 2: Enter Job Details

The Applications: This is where you’ll enter all the information related to the candidates/applicants for the open position.

Begin with the job title, the recruiter and the job posting date

Recruitment Tracker 2024: Job Opening Details

Step 3: Enter Applications information

Once applicants start coming in, the details can be entered as shown below along with their source in the respective columns.

Recruitment Tracker 2024: Applicant Data
  • Enter the candidate name and the source of the application (example: LinkedIn, Indeed, etc.)
  • As candidates flow through various stages of their recruitment funnel, enter the dates when the candidate reaches a particular stage (Application received, phone screen, hiring manager interview, etc.).
  • Once a hiring decision is made, enter the hire date and joining date in the corresponding columns.
  • If the candidate gets rejected, give the status as “Not Hired”, enter the decline reason in the column for the same.
  • We have additional columns for your comments and cost. Enter them if available.

That’s all the data entry steps that are needed to get your fully automated recruitment applicant tracking system in place.

Now, you can open the Dashboard sheet and use the metrics and visuals for crucial hiring decisions or present them to senior management.

Happy recruiting!

Do you have any queries or looking to customize the recruitment tracker, please reach out to us at

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