FREE Stock Lookup in Google Sheets – LIVE Data Updates

This template will show price and other key information about a stock of your choice. All you need to enter is the stock (the exchange code and the ticker symbol corresponding to a stock).

Stock lookup in Google Sheets

Below, we shall see the following details covered:

  • Features of the Stock Lookup template
  • Formulas in Google Sheets for Stocks


Stock Lookup Template features

Type a Stock Exchange code and Ticker symbol to see relevant info. In the below screenshot, I have entered the same for Apple Inc for the NASDAQ exchange.

Once these are entered, the template automatically populates key details about the stock.

Stock Look Up details for Apple Inc.

The template shows the information in different sections

  • About the Company and its name
  • Details of the Currency
  • Latest Price and Change in price
  • Latest day Price range
  • Market Cap and P/E
  • Price history in the 52 weeks
  • Shares outstanding and trade volume
  • Time that the data represents
    • I have entered an offset of -7 hours from UTC to arrive at pacific time.
    • Please use this link ( if you need to know how many hours ahead or behind. If you are ahead, enter positive number. If behind enter negative number.

You can change the Exchange code and Ticker symbol and immediately view the information for a stock of your choice.


Google Sheets fetches Stock data using its in-built GOOGLEFINANCE function. This link contains the list of permissible attributes within this function and their functionality.

To see what formula has been used by the template click on any cell containing value, look at the formula bar to check the same.

Stock Look Up Template: GOOGLEFINANCE formula

For all the templates in this ‘Excel for Stock Market’ series, please visit


Please share your experience. I expect this to be different with different exchanges and countries. Is it working for you? Is it working differently? I would love to hear from you.

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