Excel Templates for Stock Market

Recently we came across the Stocks Data type in Excel and Stock History function. This opens the door for a lot of interesting and useful applications in Excel in the stock market or financial market space.

We want to first state that we are not active traders and that we know almost nothing about the stock market. However, the combination of Excel, Mathematics, and Data visualization is so motivating and exciting for us that we decided to release 30 free stock market excel templates with 30 videos.

Template Topics

  • Viewing the current price and other data for one or multiple stocks or currencies
  • Viewing the price history for one or multiple stocks
  • Viewing the dashboard summary of the stock market as a whole
  • Technical Indicators that are used to analyze the stocks
  • Our own stock screener to find stocks
  • Managing your own portfolio of stocks and track performance

As with all our templates, we will be focusing on providing ‘Simple & Effective’ solutions.

Please do not forget to post your ideas for templates and videos that we should be doing in the future to support@indzara.com.

Free Stock Market Templates

Complete YouTube Playlist


The templates are compatible with Microsoft 365 subscription and the Free Excel for the Web. Please use the links below to find details on those products. 

For real-time charts