Event Calendar Maker v2 Features

Update: New version was launched in Nov 2014

The next version of the Event Calendar Maker will be out soon. The customers who have purchased the first version will receive the upgrade for free. Based on the feedback received from customers, the following are the features being considered for the next version of Event Calendar Maker

  1. Add additional Event Frequency options: 
    • Every Nth day (Example: Provide a start date and set N = 2 for the event to recur every 2 days until the End date)
    • Every Nth Week (Example: Provide a start date and set N = 2 for the event to recur every 2 weeks until the End date)
  2. Ability to have multi-day events skip the weekends
  3. Increased number of events (currently 5) to be displayed on the Monthly calendar view
  4. Duration of the calendar to be extended beyond 12 months
  5. Description of event to appear on the calendar 
  6. Choose which events to display on calendar without having to delete them from events table
  7. Avoid repeating data entry for the same days for the next calendar year
  8. Remove 12Month_3 and 12Month_4 designs

If you would prefer other features or would like to share your opinion on the above features, please share your thoughts in the comments section below.


  • Some thoughts:
    a. Ok with items 1, 2, 4, 7, & 8.
    b. #3 & 5 will be a big improvement for my team as we constantly have more events than space available on the calendar.
    c. #6 is HUGE, this will allow us to print out specific calendars to post for each event type.

    d. 200 event limit is still not enough, I’ve been adding close to 30 events a month. We’ll make it this year because I’ve only been using for 6 months, but not next year. Can you make this element dynamic so that many more than 200 can be added?

    e. I ran into some difficulty customizing the templates and deleting views that I didn’t need. Can you make sure the user can delete unneeded calendars without breaking the file?

    f. At the top of my list for feature improvement is expanding the capability of the Events List. A single Events list could populate the Calendar views AND act as Punchlist or task list for the team. I’m now forced to have a separate punchlist to track actionable tasks when I could have one list for all.

    • Thank you very much for your feedback. Can you please clarify the last statement – What do you mean by Punchlist?

      Thanks again.

    • Another thought on Item number 6, how exactly will this work?
      I use my calendar to track event types tests, trials, launches, maintenances activities, inspections, etc. across 4 manufacturing lines. Will I be able to configure the calendar to display for example?
      – Only Tests?
      – Only Test AND Trials?
      – Only Launches on manufacturing line 1?
      – Only Tests on manufacturing line 2?

    • A punchlist is simply a task list of items needing to be completed by the team members. The fields of my punchlist are currently:
      ID#, Manufacturing Line, Equipment/Department, Area/Topic, Process Explanation, Failure Mode / Issue Description, Potential Causes, Requested Action, Action Taken / Observations, Owner, Due Date OverDue Tracker (tracks how many times the due date was changed), Closed on Date, Status.

      Of course I realize it’s not reasonable to include all of this, but it would be nice for me to combine the calendar events list with this one.

    • Re: #6: I am thinking that the user can select events which they want to display on calendar (i.e., control each event).
      Re: Punchlist: I am assuming each event can have many items. If you have some sample data you can share so that I understand the framework, that would be great.

      Thanks again for valuable feedback.

  • Will consideration be given to add multiple tasks to each meeting…this would facilitate managing them all… FYI, amazing work!

    • Can you please elaborate on your idea? I would like to understand this better. Thank you.
      Thanks for the feedback. I am glad that you find the product useful.

  • Another good option not yet mentioned is to have the ability to change the order of events that are on the same day with a sort order option. Also agree with #1, 3, 4, 6. I love it so far though. Use it daily.

    • Thanks for the feedback. I will do my best to add as many features as possible in the next version.
      I am glad to heat that the product is useful. Best wishes.

  • I would like the ability to have more categories. Often need more and am forced to “group” them.

    Would also like to add and display start/stop times for event at least on the monthly view.


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