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This page will host supporting information for the Resource Capacity Planner Excel Template which can be used to plan resource capacity, compare versus demand and identify over-utilization and under-utilization.

To know the features of this template, please visit the product page.

The latest version (v2) was published in July 2018.

The following are the support articles to help you get started with using the template. If there are any questions not addressed here, please drop a comment and I will add article/video demo about that topic.

  • Please see this article on Important Tips before using the template
    1. Do not edit calculated cells
    2. Input Data is always visible & can be edited easily
    3. Backup by saving file regularly
    4. Refresh Calculations when Pivot Tables are used
  • This template uses Excel tables for data entry. If you are not very familiar with Excel tables, please see this article on How to enter data using Excel Tables?
    • What is a Table?
    • Why do we use Tables?
    • Components of a Table
    • 3 Basic Data Entry Operations
    • 5 Essential Tips to avoid mistakes
  • Step by Step User Guide
    • Step by step user guide to Resource Capacity Planner Excel template.
    • Learn how to enter input data on capacity and demand.
    • Find how to use the Capacity planning Dashboard and Calendar to identify over-utilization and under-utilization.
    • Learn how to address over-utilization and under-utilization to improve the plan


If you have any questions on the template, please post them in the comments section below. I will respond as soon as I can. If it will benefit others, I will also publish a blog post and video answering your question.

135 thoughts on “Resource Capacity Planner – Excel Template – Support

  1. Hi there, this may have been asked already, but is there a way to have a start date and an end date for the demand tasks?

    1. Thanks for your question.
      There is currently no option to enter start and end date for tasks. The date entered would be the date to which the demand would be assigned. If you are looking for a way to enter a recurring demand hours for each day between a date range, that option is not available.
      If you want to assign a weekly demand you can enter just the week start date and assign all the demand hours to that date. Then, in the calendar, you can aggregate by week to see capacity vs demand for the week.
      Please let us know if any questions.
      Thanks & best wishes.

      1. Hai,
        It is very difficult to use with out start and end date for a resource in demand sheet, with out end date the allocated hours for a specific resource are not equally distributing, hence the total hours are showing only on the start date (with deficit) and remaining days are free. Please let me know hot to solve this.

        1. Thanks for feedback.
          Can you please email the file with your input? Please send specific demand input you may have (you can enter demand in a separate file if it helps)
          Please email the files and describe at what level do you want to compare demand vs capacity. In the first version of the template, demand was allowed to entered in aggregate (weekly, monthly) for each skill group (not resource specific). if that would suit your needs, I can email that file to you.
          I can review and find a solution to entering demand more efficiently.
          Best wishes.

  2. Hi I bought it yesterday, in the Demand Sheet(Tasks) are you expecting me to enter the Daily Tasks 365 times for each and every project that has Daily Tasks of 1 hour?

    1. Thanks for purchasing.
      We can enter consolidated demand for a week or month and in that case, we should change the view to be weekly or monthly in the Calendar sheet. the granularity in which we enter the demand will be the granularity in which the demand vs capacity comparison can be made in the Calendar.
      For example, you can enter one entry for a week for each resource for a project with the total demand for the week.
      In the previous version of the template, demand was entered in aggregate for each skill group. Based on customer demand, the new version allows more fine task level entry. If you would like to try the previous version, please email and I will send the file.
      Best wishes.

  3. Hello, are there instructions on how to import existing resource allocation and project data into this tool?

    1. Thanks for using our template.

      All the existing data needs to be entered in the respective tabs.

      Best wishes

  4. Hey,

    In my team, there are members from different countries. How to count holidays in that case?


    1. Hello

      In the settings tab, you may keep the holidays as blank. In the capacity, you have to mention the availability in hours for each resource.


  5. Hi,

    I purchased your sheet yesterday. However, the sheet is quite different from your Youtube tutorial. Your capacity worksheet in Excel is different to your Youtube videos. I don’t see an Employee worksheet like shown in your Youtube tutorials and the layout in the Dashboard is just different making it difficult to understand what is going on as the video tutorial is so different. Can you please update me on this or have someone get in touch?

    Thank you

    1. Thanks for purchasing our template.
      You may refer to the Resource Capacity Planner Excel Template – Step by Step User Guide at Here we have provided step by step explanation to use this template.

      Best wishes

  6. I just bought the sheet (order number 132158) and need to increase the resource capacity to more than 100. Could you please provide instructions on how to do that?

    1. Thanks for purchasing our template.

      We have sent you the template that can handle 200 resources and 500 combinations of resource-skill-project.

      Best wishes

  7. I’m really loving the sheet. I just have a little variation that I really need to implement.

    We don’t assign resources to just one project. So on the Capacity sheet, I had hoped to be able to leave “PROJECT” blank against each resource, but assign “PROJECT” on the Demand sheet.

    However, in leaving one or the other blank, it means that “SELECTED” remains as 0 on Demand sheet.

    Would I need to add each resource on the Capacity sheet for every project they work on? As this will exceed 100 ☹

    Please help!

    Many thanks


    (also how do I receive my receipt/invoice for purchasing?)

    1. Thanks. I am glad that you find it useful.

      1. Yes, we have to enter each project the resource’s capacity is assigned to. This allows us to view project level comparison of capacity vs demand in the dashboard.
      2. The default file allows 100 resources and 300 combinations of resource-skill-project. If that is not sufficient, I have a version that supports 500 combinations as well. Please email if you need that version of the template.

      Regarding invoice, I can email the PDF of invoice to your email address. Please email order number to

      Best wishes.

  8. Hi, i just bought your template and i would like to adapt it. Unfortunately it’s mostly protected. Would it be possible to have the password in order to unprotect it?

    Thanks in advance,

    1. Thanks for choosing our template.

      Please use “indzara” as a password.

      Best wishes

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