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Welcome to the support page for Retail Business Manager Excel Template. The following articles will provide information on how to use the template. Please follow the links provided to read more about each topic.


If you prefer to watch video demonstrations, instead of reading articles, please watch this playlist.




48 thoughts on “Retail Business Manager – Excel Template – Support

  1. Hi
    Some fields are not auto generated/pulled from the entry data in products/partners/prices, I believe there’s a problem with the formula. I need some assistance with that to proceed with data entry.

    Thank you.

    1. Thanks for using our template.

      Please ensure that all the formulas and the links are intact.
      In case, the issue persists, please share your file with the list of issues to

      Best wishes

  2. I took over the retail business manager from another employee that purchased it and left no record of purchase. I am using v1 and was wondering if there was an update to the excel sheet.


    1. Thanks for your message.

      We are not able to trace the order for the original purchase. Can you please share the email id used while purchasing this template.

      Best wishes

  3. How can I add Sub category field to level 2? Shall I create 2 more column next to product category and add also in Product tabs. Any suggestions would be highly appreciate.

  4. How to move the data to new one. For example, if the excel data is getting heavier?

    1. Hello

      With time the data dump increases which may compromise the productivity of the template. You can take a backup yearly or monthly and then start afresh.

      Best wishes

  5. I purchased this very good product. However, if the business is typically operated on a credit limit basis. for example, a customer is given a credit limit, I would like to:
    1. Track credit utilization against credit granted.
    2. Track credit past due and not paid and the number of sales and outstanding obligations not paid.
    3. Track credit tenor (loan maturity dates from day products have been delivered on credit to a customer)
    4. Track sales commissions paid to Sales Force (salesman) against sales collected per sale person per week and per month (i.e date of sales delivered under credit against dates sales/invoice was collected i.e paid)

    Thanks for this template.

    1. Thanks for your feedback.
      We will consider these scenarios in future versions/templates.
      Best wishes.

  6. i have 3 different selling prices depending on customer type, how to get the correct unit price without entering it manually

    1. Please email We have a version that supports 4 different sales prices and price type can be chosen in Order Details sheet.
      Thanks & Best wishes.

  7. I have been using this program for awhile now with great success. I have now started selling on a 3rd online platform and need to move inventory around to account for it.
    Do I just make an adjust order to move the items out?
    Thanks again for a great program.

    1. Thanks for your feedback.

      Since you are asking about how to accommodate inventory to be transferred. You can create an Adjust or Sale order to reduce inventory.

      Best wishes

      1. I was able to get the inventory squared around and used discounts to add inventory at cost.
        have another question. As the year end is approaching, is there any way to make a report with customer returns as entered as a negative quantity?
        r do I have to go thru each order that I have made throughout the year?
        Thanks again

        1. Glad to hear.
          Please try using filters in the Order Details sheet and look at negative values. Then, copy the table and paste as values (this is very important) in another workbook to see all return transactions.
          Always back up file before such operations.
          Please email if there are further questions.

          1. I tried the filters and it worked just fine. I was able to get the results that I was looking for.
            Thanks again for your help.
            Dave Franz

          2. You are welcome Dave

  8. got this product i was wondering if how could i classify 3 different prices for each product. like i have 3 membership and they have 3 different prices how could i set the product price to each customer with membership. thanks

    1. Thanks for purchasing.
      1. To create different pricing tiers, we have to create those price columns in Prices sheet.
      2. Then, in the Order_Details sheet, we have to create a column PRICE TIER to let user select the price tier for each order line.
      3. We have to update the UNIT PRICE formula in Order_Details sheet to choose the appropriate price from the Prices sheet.
      Best wishes.

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