Employee Leave Manager Excel Template – Step by Step User Guide & FAQs

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Thanks for visiting the support page for Employee Leave Manager Excel Template which can help simplify leave tracking in your organization.

The following are the support articles to help you get started with using the template. If there are any questions not addressed here, please drop a comment and I will add article/video demo about that topic.

Support Articles

  • Please see this article on 3 Important Tips before using the template
    1. Do not edit calculated cells
    2. Input Data is always visible & can be edited easily
    3. Backup by saving file regularly
    4. Bonus Tip: Do not insert columns in between in Leave sheet. Add to the end of the table.
  • This template uses Excel tables for data entry. If you are not very familiar with Excel tables, please see this article on How to enter data using Excel Tables?
      • What is a Table?
      • Why do we use Tables?
      • Components of a Table
      • 3 Basic Data Entry Operations
      • 5 Essential Tips to avoid mistakes
  • Step by Step User Guide 
    • Step by Step instructions on entering data
  • Upcoming articles
    • How to change or add colors for leave type?
    • How to handle if some employees have different holidays than others?
    • How to ensure dates are entered in correct format?
    • What are the differences between the free vacation tracker and the Employee Leave Manager templates?
    • Which template is suitable for your organization? PTO Manager or Leave Manager?

If you have any questions on the template, please post them in the comments section below. I will respond as soon as I can. If it will benefit others, I will also publish a blog post and video answering your question.

30 thoughts on “Employee Leave Manager Excel Template – Step by Step User Guide & FAQs

  1. I’ve been using the free version for a few weeks and am extremely happy with it. I’m about to upgrade to premium version but have 2 questions to ask before I do:

    1. Can I allocate different holiday entitlements to different employees? My Companies holiday entitlement is based upon time served so the longer staff serve, the more holiday they are entitled to.

    2. Some of my staff work different shift patterns and therefore not everyone works Monday – Friday. Is it possible to allocate different “weekend” dates to different employees. For example, some work Mon – Fri, others work Wed – Sun.

    I’d be grateful for some guidance.


    1. Thanks for your interest.
      1. Adjustments sheet is available to enter entitlement adjustments (more or less) for specific employees. However, it needs to set manually for each reporting period (example: annually). When the employee tenure changes, it does not automatically change. If that is expected, I recommend https://indzara.com/product/small-business-paid-time-off-manager/ PTO Manager template as it is set up for handling tenure based PTO accrual.
      2. For employees with different weekends, I would suggest adding a leave type (example: WEEKEND) and set to NO for Balance tracking.
      We would have to then enter them as leave in the leave sheet. If you have a lot of employees, this will be a lot of data entry for every week. If you have few employees, then this would be a feasible solution.
      If there is no critical need to have all employees in one file, having a separate file for each group of employees with similar weekdays/weekends would be an option.

      If you try and the template does not meet your needs, please email me and I will issue a full refund.
      Please let me know if any questions.
      Best wishes.

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