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In this article, we will be discussing the India Market – Industry Analyzer template that you can use to analyze stocks.

The template can assist in

India Stock Market Analyzer


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How to analyze stocks by Market/Industry?

The template automatically creates a scatter plot of 1663 stocks in the India Stock market, across two measures. The user has the following input controls to customize the chart.

There are six input controls available.

Input controls

X Axis Measure

Y Axis Measure

Measures drop down

The following 16 measures are available for analysis.

  1. Price
  2. Change
  3. Change (%)
  4. High
  5. Low
  6. Open
  7. Previous Close
  8. 52 week high
  9. 52 week low
  10. Employees
  11. Market cap
  12. P/E
  13. Beta
  14. Shares Outstanding
  15. Volume
  16. Volume average


Toggle between Ticker Symbol and Name of the Stock)

Label selection

When you have a lot of stocks in the chart, the ticker symbol will be better to use as it will be less cluttered on the chart. When you have only a few stocks to analyze, the Name option is better as it clearly displays the company name. If you know your ticker symbols very well, then you can stick with the Ticker Symbol itself.

Exchange filter

Exchange Filter

You can filter to specific exchange(s) if you would like.

Industry filter

Industry Filter

You can select one or multiple industries for analysis

Ticker Symbol filter

Ticker Symbol Filter

Finally, you can choose one or multiple stock ticker symbols.


On the top right you can see the maximum of the last trade time of these currencies.

The default time that Microsoft provides is UTC.  The offset is set to 5.5 hours, to convert to Indian Standard Time zone.

You can modify this if you need the time in a different time zone.

Visit to view offset

How to refresh data?

How to refresh Stocks data

Sample Analysis

Just use various combinations of these inputs to analyze the stocks according to your needs. Here are some samples of what can be done using this template.

  1. Of all 1663 stocks, Price vs Change
Price vs Change
Natural Gas – Price vs Employees
Market Cap vs Employees
Reliance and Airtel – Price vs Employees
Volume vs Shares Outstanding
Price vs P/E


To pull live Stock data from the services you would need Microsoft 365 Subscription Plans for PC and Web

How to add a new stock?

The 1663 of the stocks or the ticker symbols in the NSE and BSE exchanges are included. There are a few that are not in the template since the market data is not available in the Excel service.

You can also add your own stocks and I will explain how that can be done easily.  

Unhide the hidden DATA sheet and follow this simple two-step process to add new stocks to analyze.

How to add new stocks
  1. Extend the table to more rows as needed
  2. Enter stock symbol

If Excel does not recognize your stock symbol, it will pop up this data selector box.

You can select the stock you are interested in.

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