Personal Finance Manager 2024 (Free Excel Budget template)

Personal Finance Manager

This is a simple free Personal Finance management excel template that focuses on making it easy for you to know what’s happening with your financial situation especially when you have multiple bank accounts, credit card accounts and cash.

This Excel Budget template also helps you set budgets and see how you are actually doing against your budget.

With simple data entry, the template provides you instant access to actionable information in a consumable form that can answer key questions regarding your personal financial situation.

Specifically, the template helps you in knowing the following:

Free Downloads

This version doesn’t use Pivot Tables and Slicers. 4 Charts that are available in Excel 2010 file are not available in this.


Excel 2010 and above for Windows

Excel 2011 for Mac

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How to track personal finances in Excel?

The template has 3 worksheets: 1) Settings 2) Transactions and 3) Report.

STEP 1: Enter information in Settings worksheet

Personal Finance Management - Accounts Set up
Personal Finance Management – Accounts Set up

STEP 2: Entering transactions in the Transactions worksheet
When you open the template, there will be no records in the Transactions worksheet (as shown in the image below). Start entering your own transactions.

Enter Financial Transactions

3 Types of Transactions

After you enter your transactions, the Transactions worksheet would look like this image below.

Sample Money Transactions

STEP 3: View Report

Since there are pivot tables and charts, please refresh the data by going to Data ribbon and refresh all (or keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Alt+F5) . This updates the charts with your new transactions.

How to refresh Report in the Excel Budget Template

Report sheet is locked to prevent accidental editing of formulas. To unlock, use password indzara

The report has four pages.

1) Summary

Summary of Current Status

You can find balances for any period in each of your accounts using this personal account template.

Choose Bank Account in Report

This can be helpful when your bank statements and credit card statements actually have their billing cycles different from calendar months. This allows you to compare your statements with the data you have in this template and confirm that you have not missed any transactions.

Transaction Summary for chosen Period – Beginning and Ending Balance

The chart shows the trend of month-end balances in the account chosen.

Month end Balances of finances

2) Monthly Financial Analysis

This multiple bank account management excel template can also help in monthly financial analysis. Please choose one month at a time using the slicers at the top.

View total Income, expense and savings

Excel Budget Template – Income, Expense and Savings compared to budget

Understand where the money came from and where it was spent, in the month

Monthly Income Categories Breakdown and Expense Categories Breakdown
Compare Monthly Expense in each Category against Budget Set

Understand expenses by Subcategories.

Understand Expenses by Subcategories

3) Trends of expenses, savings and net balance

Trend of expenses over time and comparing against monthly budget

Excel Budget Spreadsheet – Are my Expenses under Monthly Budget

Trend of savings and net balance over time

Excel Personal Budget Spreadsheet – Track Savings every Month and Net Balance/Worth

4) Trends of transactions by Categories and Sub Categories

Trends of transactions by Categories and SubCategories

I hope you find this personal finance management template excel useful in managing your personal finances easily.

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