School Attendance Register and Report – Free Excel Template

Student Attendance Register & Report

Manage student attendance at schools and educational institutions using this simple free Excel template.

Class Register Excel Template - Class Attendance Report
Class Register Excel Template – Class Attendance Report

Benefits of the Class Register Excel Template

For more advanced features, please see Student Attendance Register Excel Template

This template is an upgraded version of the School Attendance Register and Report (Excel template). The enhancements are 1) complete flexibility in choosing weekends and 2) accommodation of entry of late attendance by students.

Free Downloads – Class Register Excel Template

Features of the Class Register Excel Template

Video Demo – Class Register Excel Template

What is in the Class Register Excel Template?

The template has 4 worksheets.

How to create student attendance registers in Excel?

  1. Enter information in the Settings worksheet
  2. Enter information in the Attendance Register daily
  3. View and print Class Attendance Report when needed
  4. View and print Student Attendance Report when needed
    • Choose a student name to print

To restart, create a new document or delete all the attendance register entries and start with Step 1.


Class Register Excel Template – Settings Information
School Attendance Register Format Excel – Enter Holidays
School Attendance Register Template – Set Weekends for school

Attendance Register

Attendance Register Format in Excel

Instructions on how to fill student attendance register

Class Attendance Report

Class Attendance Report Format

Student Attendance Report

Printable Student Attendance Report in Excel

Please let me know if you find this useful or if your requirements are not captured in this school register format template. 

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