2023 New Employee Checklist – Free Google Sheet Template

This Google Sheet is developed as a solution to document the completion of activities in a checklist.

The HR departments in companies can use a copy of this template to track or document the new employee on-boarding activities.

Ideally, there is a list of onboarding activities each employee has to complete during the onboarding process. This template can be a solution to track such onboarding activities within your company.

Sample New Employee Checklist
Sample New Employee Checklist

Benefits of the new Employee Checklist

Free Google sheets

This template is designed for Google sheets, but if you are looking for an Excel template, please visit the New Employee Checklist in Excel

How to Create an Onboarding Employee Checklist in Google Sheets

Steps to use this template

  1. Make a Copy and save this template in your Google Drive
  2. Configure the Settings information
  3. Input Employee Data
  4. Choose the employee and Print

STEP 1: Make a copy of the sheet

Click on the link above and then make a copy of the sheet as shown in the screenshot below.

Make copy of sheet

You can save the copy in your own google drive for your use. You can then share the copy with your colleagues to collaborate as needed.

STEP 2: Enter Settings

In the Settings sheet, start by entering the Company name. If we don’t want to print activity dates, then choose No to that.

Finally, enter the list of activities.

Enter Settings

STEP 3: Employee Data

In the Employees sheet, let us enter each employee and their information

Tip: If you would prefer to print empty checklists and check items in the hard copy, then skip entering the Employee Data and directly move to Print step below.

These fields can be renamed as needed.

Then, we enter the activity completion dates for each employee, as and when they complete the activities.

Please do not rename these date fields, as they will impact the formulas used.

STEP 4: Print

In the print sheet, we can print the certificate for each employee separately by choosing the employee name.

The fields in the header can be changed by using the dropdown. This allows us to reorder fields to suit our needs. Also, if you have renamed the employee fields earlier, they will automatically appear here.

There is no need to change the Activities section of the certificate.

At the end of the activities section, a Checklist Completed DT will appear if the employee has completed all the activities.

We can customize the footer area by providing contact information for your business and any internal links for reference to the new employees. Feel free to type in your details directly – these fields do not have any formulas.

Now that we have the certificate customized, we can print or download as PDF.  The following are a couple of sample certificates printed.

New Employee Checklist
Sample New Employee Checklist
Sample New Employee Checklist
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