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Viewing and Printing Invoice and Purchase Orders

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Let’s learn how to view and print invoice and purchase orders in the Retail Business Manager Excel Template.

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View Invoice

To view the invoice, let’s go to Invoice sheet and enter the order number at the top. If we enter an invalid order number or an order that is not a Sale or Quote order type, we will see this warning message.

Invoice - Invalid Order Number
Invoice – Invalid Order Number


Let’s enter S1 as Order Number. The invoice will now auto-populate. It’s that simple. You can generate an invoice whenever needed. The data comes primarily from Order Details sheet and some information from Partners, Orders and Products sheets.

Invoice - Sale Order
Invoice – Sale Order



Check Inventory Availability

Now, before we print this and send to customer, we need to make sure that there is enough inventory to fulfill this order. On the right side of the invoice, the information on inventory availability is displayed.

Inventory Availability - Yes
Inventory Availability – Yes


Now, we can see that the order can be fulfilled as we have both products available in enough quantity. (see INV FLAG)
In this example, the expected date of sending the order is May 6th.  Since inventory of product as of May 5th is greater than or equal to the all sales expected of the product on May 6th, we will see a check mark indicating that there would be no problem in fulfilling the order.


If the purchase order P1 reaches our inventory on 6th (Expected date = May 6th), then we see a warning sign.

Inventory Availability - Warning
Inventory Availability – Warning


Since the inventory of product as of May 5th is not sufficient, but we expect some purchase orders to reach our inventory on May 6th and that will help us fulfill all the sales orders on May 6th, then warning flag is shown indicating that it is possible to fulfill the order, but would be very close as it is dependent on when exactly the purchased products will reach and when the products need to be sent to customers.


If the purchase order P1 reaches our inventory on 7th (Expected date = May 7th), then we see a Not Available sign.

Inventory Availability - Not Available
Inventory Availability – Not Available

As inventory of product as of the end of May 6th will be negative – indicating that the inventory available as of May 5th + all purchases expected on May 6th will not meet the sales needs on May 6th, then Not Available flag is shown.


This is how we can evaluate the feasibility of fulfilling a sales order before agreeing with the customer. If we find that we don’t have enough inventory, we have two options. 1) We can create a purchase order such that it will arrive by the expected date in time to fulfill the sales order. 2) We can negotiate with the customer and change the expected date of the sales order assuming another purchase order is on its way.

Printing Invoice

Press Ctrl+P to open the print preview dialog box. Preview the sheet and then click print.

Printing Invoice
Printing Invoice


By default, one page is printed that can handle up to 20 lines of the order. If the order has more than 20 lines, we have to select the second page and add to print area first. Then, we have to change the number of pages to (1 to 2) in the Print Preview dialog box so that 2 pages can be printed. The template can handle up to 65 line items.


Exporting to PDF

To export as PDF, Click File – Export as PDF.

Export Invoice to PDF
Export Invoice to PDF


Choose a place to store the file, name it as desired (recommend adding the order number and/or invoice number) and click Publish.

Export to PDF - Save File
Export to PDF – Save File


Then, we can email the file to our customer.


View/Print/Export Purchase Order

To view a purchase order, let’s go to Purchase Order sheet and type our Order number. The purchase order form gets auto-populated.

The only differences between the Invoice and Purchase Order sheets are 1) fields displayed are slightly different and 2) inventory availability check is present in Invoice and not in Purchase Order.

Purchase Order - Sample
Purchase Order – Sample

Viewing, Printing and Exporting steps are exactly the same as in Invoice. Please follow steps outlined above under Invoice.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


  • I ENTERED my first product and ,partner and created first po. and printed with success. next i added another product, entered another po . ,added the order details and tried to complete the po but something seem wrong- the first po does not clear when i change the info in the “enter order number “field, so am unable to make more po.’s

    • Thanks for your message.

      Please ensure that none of the formulas/links are broken.

      If the issue persists, please email your file along with the list of issues to

      Best wishes


    • Thanks for using our template.

      You can extend the table down to accommodate more details. However, please note, the total will move to the next page. Also, ensure that none of the formulas are deleted or links broken.

      Best wishes

  • Hi IndZara,
    Kindy advise me on following:
    1. How to give invoice no
    2. How can i change the title name “amount after tax” to “total Amount” in invoice sheet

    • INVOICE NUMBER is a separate column in ORDER HEADERS sheet. Please enter invoice number there for each order.
      To change the name, please change the name first in ORDER DETAILS sheet. Then, come to Invoice sheet and change the name of the column from drop down menu. In this article we can see how to set up the invoice sheet and choose columns.

      Please let me know if there are any questions.
      Best wishes.

      • Thanks Indzara….I would like to do the same changes/rename “sub-total before tax” and “Order Level Discount” but could not find it in order details sheet. Also how to deduct or round the amount in grand total column if there is a decimals? it should show 00

  • Hi, Invoice number does not fill under invoice sheet automatically. It shows 0 (zero)??? . please advise.

    • INVOICE NUMBER is a separate column in ORDER HEADERS sheet. Please enter invoice number there for each order.

  • Hi, Is there any limitations to the no. of order we can post in this template. (No. or records)

  • Is it possible to change the heading of the sheet? For example, can I change the PURCHASE ORDER sheet to say PROFORMA REQUEST at the top right?

    Also, is the fee just a one time fee of $35 for the template or are there monthly fees?

    How many invoices and purchase orders can I create?

    Thank you.

    • Thanks for your interest.

      Yes, the name PURCHASE ORDER can be changed. It is linked by a formula to a cell in a hidden sheet. We have to edit there. I can help if needed.

      The fee is one time and there are no monthly fees.

      The template works such that invoice and purchase orders are pulled (or created) on demand. We enter order data in Order Headers and Order Details sheets. Then, Invoice and Purchase Order sheets are just used to display the order data in an invoice and purchase order format. So, there is no limit to number of invoices and purchase orders.

      Please let me know if there are any questions.

      Best wishes.

  • HI
    i would like to use ribbons printer such as ‘Epson LQ300 plus Ribbons’ can i use with you retail manager excel templates invoice printing safe cost and time for printing

    looking forward to hear from you.

    • Thanks for your interest. I am unable to test with specific printers and hence I cannot confirm if the template will work well for this printer.
      However the purchase is risk free. If it doesn’t work for you, please email me and I will issue a full refund.
      Best wishes.

  • Hi,

    I have a thermal printer with a receipt width of 3″.
    Can the invoice template be customized to this size?

    • Thanks for your interest. I have not personally worked with 3″ thermal receipt paper, but since it is very small size I am assuming it would not work. We have to re-design the invoice according to the sheet specification and test prints. Please let me know if there are any questions.


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