Employee Leave Manager Excel Template


The Employee Leave Manager template is designed to manage leave tracking of employees in an organization. The template can manage multiple leave types and you can set entitlement/quota for each leave type and automatically calculate balances for each employee.

  • Would you like to simplify the data entry and management of the leave data?
  • Would you like to quickly see what is the leave balance for a specific employee?
  • Would you like to be able to print an employee report anytime with all the leave details?

You can achieve all of these and more by a simple Excel file within a few minutes after download.

One file. Simplified Data Entry. Automated calculations. Printable Reports and Dashboards to make smarter decisions.

Leave Management – Simple and Effective.


  • Excel for Windows (2010 or later)
  • Excel for Mac (2011 or later)
  • Works in Excel Online / OneDrive



  • Simple
    • Simplified Data Entry
    • Simple Excel workbook with no macros
  • Practical
    • Data Validations in place
    • Supports company Holidays & customizable weekends
    • Supports employees joining and leaving company
    • Easy to enter multiple day leave entries
    • Handles partial days of leave
    • Print or Export as PDF and share
  • Automated
    • Automated Leave balance calculations
    • Team Balance Report
    • Employee Report
    • Daily Report
    • Monthly Planning Dashboard
  • Scope
    • Supports up to 500 employees
    • Supports up to 5000 leave entries
    • Supports up to 12 types of leave
    • Reporting period of up to 12 months


The template uses a simple approach – Simple Data Input & Automated Effective Output.

Simple Input (Settings, Employee and Leave Data)
Simple Input (Settings, Employee and Leave Data)
Automated Output (Reports and Dashboards)
Automated Output (Reports and Dashboards)

One-time setup

Leave Types

Choose how many leave types, name them and set them whether to track balance for each leave type. Pre-selected colors are assigned automatically.

Enter Leave Types
Enter Leave Types

Customized Weekends

Choose weekends for your organization.

Choose Weekends
Choose Weekends

Customized Holidays

Enter Holidays for your company.

Enter Holidays
Enter Holidays

Customized Reporting Periods

Enter Reporting Period dates (max 12 months at a time).

Enter Reporting Period
Enter Reporting Period

Entitlement Set-up

Choose from two options on Entitlement Setup (Entitlement set at Total Leave or per each Leave Type).

Enter Entitlement Option
Enter Entitlement Option

If you choose Total, enter number of days of total leave entitled for all employees.

Set Total Leave Entitlement
Set Total Leave Entitlement

If you choose ‘Per leave Type’, enter number of days of leave entitled for each leave type for all employees.

Set Leave Entitlement per Leave Type
Set Leave Entitlement per Leave Type

Simplified Data Entry

There are only two data inputs after the initial set-up.

Employees Data

Enter list of Employees, their start date and end date (if applicable). There are several custom columns available to store information at Employee Level. you can also add more as needed.

Enter Employees Data
Enter Employees Data

Leave Data

Enter leave dates for each employee when they plan to take leave. Multiple days of leave can be entered easily. Partial days of leave can be handled as well.

Enter Employee Leave Data in Table
Enter Employee Leave Data in Table

Automated Reports & Dashboards

Balance Report

Balance report shows leave balance information for every employee.


Team Balance Report
Team Balance Report
  • You can change the display to show Entitled Leave Days, Used Leave Days or Balance Leave Days.
  • You can also filter the report by a custom field such as Department or Location.
  • You can display one custom field from Employees sheet.
  • You can display up to 100 employees in 1 page and 5 pages in total.

Daily Report

Daily Report shows who is on leave for a specific date.

Daily Report showing Leave Entries
Daily Report showing Leave Entries
  • Number of days of leave by leave type will be displayed
  • Number of employees employed on that day will be calculated
  • You can see up to 20 leave entries in 1 page.
  • You can also display one custom field from Leave sheet

Employee Report

Employee report shows a report for one employee with specific leave dates and current balance.

First page shows the leave balance information as well as calendar view of leave days.

Employee Report Page 1 with Calendar
Employee Report Page 1 with Calendar

Second page of the Employee Report shows monthly totals of leave by leave type. Worked Days is also calculated for each month and the total reporting period.

Employee Report Page 2 - Monthly Totals by Leave Type
Employee Report Page 2 – Monthly Totals by Leave Type

Monthly Team Dashboard

Team Dashboard shows availability of employees in a chosen month.

First page shows the calendar view of leave days for the chosen month.

Monthly Team Dashboard Page 1 with Calendar view
Monthly Team Dashboard Page 1 with Calendar view


Second page shows the total leave per leave type for each employee in the specific month.

Monthly Team Dashboard Page 2 with totals by Leave Types
Monthly Team Dashboard Page 2 with totals by Leave Types

For support material on this template including Getting Started, Step by Step User Guide and Frequently Asked Questions, please visit the support page.

Support Page


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