Employee Retention Dashboard – Google Sheet Template


The Employee Retention Dashboard Google Sheet template is your simple and effective solution to tracking Employee Retention in your organization. If you are responsible for reporting on Employee Retention metrics in your HR organization, this tool can make the task easier and provide you with insights to improve employee retention. Download the template, enter your employee data and view the retention metrics immediately.


  • Streamline your process
  • Save Time as everything is automated already
  • Effective Dashboards lead to actionable insights
  • Save money vs Costly subscription software
  • All within your familiar Excel – Easy to use and modify
Employee Retention – 3 Automated Dashboards
Employee Retention – 3 Automated Dashboards


Google Drive account to make individual user copy.



  • 7 Highly effective Employee Retention Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • 3 visually effective and interactive Dashboards
  • Simplified data entry & Automated calculations
  • Modular Design – Easy to customize for your needs
  • One File for Life – Continue to use as long as needed


7 Highly Effective KPIs

Following 7 KPIs are automatically calculated by the template

  • Active Employees: Number of employees active with the company
  • Hires: Number of new employees hired
  • Exits: Number of employees who have left the company
  • Employee Turnover Rate: (Number of Exits/Avg. Number of active Employees during the period) * 100
  • Employee Retention Rate: (Number of Exits from Employees active at the Beginning of the period /Number of Employees active at the beginning of the period) * 100
  • Tenure of employees: Average duration of employment of active employees
  • Tenure of Exit Employees: Average duration of employment at the time of exit

3 Automated Dashboards

The template provides three automated dashboards:


Retention Dashboard presenting 7 KPIs with trend over the last 12 months

Employee Retention Dashboard – Retention Metrics – Turnover Rate, Retention Rate
Employee Retention Dashboard – Retention Metrics – Turnover Rate, Retention Rate


Snapshot Dashboard provides interactive view of # of Employees and Avg. Tenure by 7 different employee and job attributes.

Company Snapshot Dashboard
Company Snapshot Dashboard
Company Snapshot Dashboard – Tenure
Company Snapshot Dashboard – Tenure

10 slicers are available to drill down or filter the Dashboard.

Dashboard Slicers
Dashboard Slicers


Exit Dashboard provides interactive view of exit data. Exit Type (Voluntary/Involuntary) and Exit Reason can be quickly viewed to understand how, why and when employees are leaving the company. 12 slicers to drill down or filter.

Employee Exit Dashboard
Employee Exit Dashboard

Simplified Data Entry & Automated Calculations

The template simplifies the data entry as there is only one input sheet. You can enter all the employee information in this one table.

Employee Data Entry Table
Employee Data Entry Table

Once the employee data is entered, you can refresh calculations and the Dashboards will immediately reflect your new data entered. Every calculation is automated. This will ensure that it will always be 100% accurate and does not require any manual entries.

Modular Design – Easy to Customize

Customize Dashboards

The Dashboards are designed to be modular.

  • Charts: If you do not need one of the charts in the Dashboard, you can unprotect the sheet and just remove that one chart.
  • Slicers: If you do not need one of the slicers in the Dashboard, you can unprotect the sheet and just remove that one slicer.
  • Renaming Slicers: You can rename the slicers by unprotecting the sheet and then changing the settings of the slicer.
  • Resizing Charts: Depending on the data in your organization, you may need certain charts and slicers to be long or short. Not a problem. Just unprotect the sheet and resize the chart to fit your needs. It will not impact the dashboards in any negative way.

Customize Attributes

The template has totally 14 attributes and 10 of them can be customized by you as needed for your organization.

  • 4 Employee Attributes (2 can be customized)
  • 7 Job Attributes (7 can be customized)
  • 3 Exit Attributes (1 can be customized)

In the Employee Data sheet, these attributes are clearly labeled whether they can be renamed and customized. You can just click on the column header and rename it. They will be immediately reflected in the dashboard.

You can also add more columns as needed to store information about employees.

One File for Life

The template design allows data to be entered every day as new employees join, existing employees leave, and employees change location/department. You don’t need a new file every month or year. You can continue to use the same file for ever.

All your data in one file. Simple & Effective.


There is a 1000 employee limit by default. However, that can be extended in less than a minute to any number of employees.








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