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Small Business Finance Manager Excel Template

Take control of your finances with our simple and effective Small Business Finance Manager Excel template. With one Excel file, you can manage all your financial transactions. It will automatically generate a Profit and Loss Statement (also called Income Statement) for your business, calculate the balances in all your financial accounts (bank accounts, credit cards, and cash), and generate a Cash Flow Report showing money flowing in and out of your accounts.

Small Business Finance Manager Excel Template – Highlights


Simple & Effective design with easy data entry. Get started in minutes & spend less time in managing data.


Please note that this is a stand-alone Excel file and it does not connect to any external applications such as your bank accounts to pull data in. All the data are entered in the Excel file.

If you would like to modify these limitations, please reach out to us at



Simple & Effective design

Initial set-up will not take more than a few minutes. Just enter the starting balances in your accounts and set up the sub-categories of transactions.

All your transactions are entered in one sheet. Very few columns of data entry are needed.

Though it is simple to use, it is packed with features – Automated Dashboards and reports – that effectively address small business needs.

The template can support 14 different transaction types.

The most common ones are Invoice, Bill, Instant Sale and Instant Expense transactions.

The template can also handle Bulk Payments made by customers and Bulk Payments made by you. Refunds to Customers and Refunds by Suppliers are also supported. Transfers from one account to another account can be managed. Credit Memos can also be entered and tracked.

Enter Transaction Data


Dashboard shows the current balances in all your accounts (Bank, Credit Card and Cash accounts). It also shows Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable amounts.

Dashboard – Small Business Finance Manager

Profit & Loss Statement

The template automatically generates a Profit and Loss Statement. You can customize this to be Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly.

Profit and Loss or Income Statement

Cash Flow Report

You can view the Cash flow in and out of all your accounts or any chosen account.

Cash Flow Statement Report
Cash Flow Report – Monthly Cash Flow Information – Table Format

Insights Dashboard

Gain valuable insights about sales and expense trends in the interactive dashboard.

Small Business Finance Manager – Insights – Sales and Expense Trends

View which categories of sales are driving revenue and who the top customers are.  Similarly, view which categories of expenses are driving cost and who the top suppliers are.

Small Business Finance Manager – Insights – Top Customers and Vendors or Suppliers

Unpaid Report

Generate a report of all Unpaid Invoices or Unpaid Bills easily.

Unpaid Report – Unpaid Invoices

Customer Reports

Generate a report for any Customer for all unpaid invoices or past due invoices.

Customer Report – All Unpaid Invoices

Supplier or Vendor Reports

Generate a report for any Supplier or vendor for all unpaid bills or past due bills.

Supplier Report
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