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Excel Experts I Learn From

When I build an Excel template, I usually start with the conceptual design and then decide on scope & features that a template should have. Only after that, I go about trying to build it in Excel. Invariably, I hit a roadblock with my knowledge of Excel in executing a specific feature. I would then search for a solution on Google. Almost always I will come across wonderfully written tutorials that explain how a similar scenario can be handled. Without these unbelievable resources, I would not have been able to build such templates on

Articles and Videos from these experts continue to open my eyes to new possibilities within Excel every day. I would like to say my thanks to all the wonderful people who have helped me even without knowing in person. Thank you.


Purna Duggirala goes by the name Chandoo on his site He blogs at on all things Excel. He writes in a very easy to follow language laced with humor. His choice of colors and formatting in his workbooks are very good. I also find his posts on entrepreneurship very motivating. If you are interested in learning Excel, he has on-line courses (Excel SchoolVBAPower Pivot) that you can join.


Bill Jelen (Mr.Excel) runs If you have ever Googled an Excel question, you would have definitely seen results from forum. I have learnt a lot from the message board. There are so many experts there who share solutions to readers’ questions. He has more than 2000 videos on his YouTube Channel as well. He has also been very helpful whenever I emailed him with some questions. Thank you, Bill.

Mike Girvin (Excel Is Fun)

Mike Girvin runs a YouTube Channel called Excel Is Fun. A few years ago, I watched one of his videos on array formulas and that is when I learnt the power of Excel and realized that I could build effective applications in Excel with just formulas. His videos are the best as he explains very complex things in a simple and clear way. He has at least a few thousand videos and continues to post every week. He also has written a books including the one on Array Formulas.

Sumit Bansal (Trump Excel)

Sumit Bansal runs His tutorials are very detailed and clearly written. I especially like the articles on charting and I have learnt a lot about charting from his posts and videos. He posts regularly on basic and advanced Excel topics. YouTube Channel. He has also launched courses on Dashboard, VBA and Advanced Excel.

Debra Dalgleish (Contextures)

Debra Dalgleish runs She posts regularly about Excel and also has a newsletter that I subscribe to. Whenever I searched for topics on Pivot tables and data validation, I always found my answers in her website. Her posts are very easy to follow though they are in-depth. Subscribe to her newsletter.

Jon Acampora (Excel Campus)

Jon Acampora blogs on Excel at I recently subscribed to Jon’s newsletter and have found his articles to be very informative. He has published online courses (VBA and Formulas) as well. Check them out.

Puneet Gogia (Excel Champs)

Puneet Gogia runs I have learnt many tips from his blog posts. He has a separate section on Excel Functions, where he has written about the use of 101+ functions. Also, check out his VBA Guide which is a must-read if you want to start learning VBA. You can subscribe to his newsletter to receive his blog posts in your inbox. Check out his (For Google Sheets) and – (For Multiple Technologies for Office Professionals)

Allen Wyatt

Allen Wyatt runs, which has thousands of Excel tips for all levels of users. When I search for specific solutions, I end up in this site very often. The tips are written in a concise and clear way that I really like. A go-to resource for Excel help. He has also written many books on Excel and other applications.

OZ Du Soleil

OZ Du Soleil posts Excel articles at He specializes in data cleansing. He also posts about real-life scenarios in the field of data-driven decision making. Example: Seating Assignment. He also has a YouTube channel as well.

My Online Training Hub

Mynda and Phil run where they blog on Excel topics. The articles are very thorough and informative. They have courses for Excel, Word and Outlook. The courses in Excel cover several areas including Dashboard, Power Query, Pivot Table, Power Pivot & more.

Excel Jet

I have learnt a lot about Excel functions and their uses from  They have a very nicely laid out section on Excel Functions that cover 150+ functions. They also have a section on formulas that describe formulas to handle 300+ specific scenarios. I like the way the site is designed to be simple and easy to use. They also have video based training courses as well.

Brad Edgar

I follow Brad Edgar’s twitter feed. His blog posts on are usually very detailed and thorough. I can understand the hard work and effort that goes into writing such detailed posts. Examples: 101 most shared Excel articles and 27+ ways to become Excel Guru. To complement that, he also has articles that are bite sized in Excel in 60 seconds section.

The Spreadsheet Guru

Chris is the Spreadsheet Guru on I really like how attractive his workbooks and blog posts appear. He uses the images and colors in a way that makes the final product very appealing. A lot to learn from. He has also published tools and add-ins.

Power Spreadsheets

I follow in Twitter. He posts regularly on his site and if you are looking for tips on VBA, it is a go-to site.  Nicely compiled list of posts here. He also has a very exhaustive list of Excel resources for you to follow.

Tom Urtis

I follow Tom Urtis’ twitter feed where I have learnt a lot of very useful and simple tricks in Excel. It’s not always easy to write an entire tip in an understandable way in the 140 character limit but he does it with ease. His feed is a must-follow if you want to learn how to use Excel smarter. His blog on also has hundreds of articles.

Jon Wittwer from has the largest Excel template collection that I am aware of. His site has been online from 2003.  He has templates for almost all possible industries.

He is also a very nice guy.


When I search for how to do certain operations in Excel, one of the sites I often land on, is Excel-Easy. Their posts are very simple and easy to follow. If you are new to Excel, please check out the basics tutorials at If you want to know how each Excel function works, please look at There are more than 300 examples to learn from.