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Useful Excel Course Overview

Useful Excel for Beginners

Useful Excel for Beginners’ is a free on-demand video-based course tailored for beginners who are interested in learning Microsoft Excel.

The course covers the concepts and features that I believe will help you get started and become a functional user of Excel.


  • The course targets users who are completely new to Microsoft Excel. The course is very comprehensive as every concept is explained in detail.
  • If you are already familiar with Excel, I would recommend reviewing the curriculum and choose chapters that you think would be useful.


  • 9.5 hours of videos covering all the key concepts and topics
  • Tailored for those who have never used Excel before and beginner level users
  • Easy to follow video demonstrations where all operations are performed on screen
  • Create report on a fictional book store’s employees’ monthly work hours and salaries
  • Analyze product sales, customer and sales trends for the book store
  • 25 most used functions covered with examples
  • Important keyboard shortcuts highlighted
  • Includes Conditional Formatting, PivotTables and Tables
  • Downloadable exercise files so that you can easily follow the course

Excel Tips & Tricks - Tutorials

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Chandeep, my friend, runs the site and is an Excel Expert and trainer. He has been training, consulting and blogging since 2013.

I learn a lot from his blog posts about Excel tricks in Data Visualizations and Dashboards. He has a free course on Excel Charts and premium training on Excel, Business Intelligence Dashboards and even Power Query.


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At , my friend J, provides articles that focus on making everyone an Excel Power User.

I would recommend his site for tutorials on VBA/Macros.

He has both free and premium courses as well.