Become an Affiliate for – Terms

What is an Affiliate Program?

If you like the Premium Excel Templates from, you can earn money by promoting them. Just drive traffic to this site and earn commissions on every sale generated by your traffic.


Is there a fee to join?

No, it’s absolutely free.


How much are the commissions?

30% of sales amount.


How can I join?

Please register as an affiliate at


How will I know how much traffic I drive?

You will have direct access to the traffic statistics. You can log in the Affiliate Area and view anytime.


How does this tracking happen?

I use Affiliate WP, a WordPress plugin that does all the tracking. Details on tracking:


Where can I get images or banners to use?

The Affiliate Area will have images that you can use on your site to drive traffic to


I have other questions…

Please contact me and I will be glad to answer.