Simple & Effective Small Business Excel Templates

Welcome to our Small Business Excel Templates collection – your ultimate solution to managing the diverse challenges small businesses face.

If you are a Small Business owner, our carefully designed templates empower you to easily handle various aspects of your business, from invoicing and accounting to CRM and inventory management.

Take your business to the next level with our ready-to-use, customizable Excel templates.

Our template collection covers a broad spectrum of essential business functions, including:



Our Excel templates provide you with the simplest tool available to track, and print invoices, generate sales quotations, rental slips, and much more.

The Invoice Manager Pro Excel template is your perfect solution for printable invoices, which also creates a fully automated Dashboard and customer report.

  • Invoice Manager Excel Template


Our Sales Quotation Free Excel Template is used to create quotations for your sales prospects, informing them about how much it will cost for the products and services you provide.

If you run an asset rental business, download this Free Asset Rental Invoice & Receipts Template to create simple and effective invoices and receipts.

Check our Invoice Manager Excel Template if you only want to track revenue, customer trends, and unpaid invoices.

Try using our Invoice Tracker Template with limited functionalities and our Invoice Template which generates printable invoices, for free.

If your business involves frequent communication between the sales team and the shipping department or warehouse, particularly for managing stored goods, you can enhance this communication significantly by downloading our free Packing Slip Excel Template.

If you are a small business owner who manages and rents out properties, we’ve got you covered too! Check out our Free Property Rental Receipt Template to create simple and effective receipts in Excel which are printable.


Take control of your finances with our best-selling Finance Manager Excel Template. Streamline financial management with a single Excel file. It automates Profit and Loss, balance calculations for accounts, and generates a Cash Flow Report, simplifying your business finances.

Create an income statement for your small business using our free Income Statement Excel Template.


Utilize the Manufacturing: Inventory & Sales Manager Excel Template to efficiently oversee product and raw material inventory if your operations involve purchasing raw materials and converting them through assembly or manufacturing processes.

Tailored for businesses that purchase products from suppliers and sell to customers, the Retail Business Manager (Pro) is the ideal solution for effective inventory and sales management. This template boasts the capability of handling more than one warehouse location.

Use our Retail Manager Excel Template if you have only one location to manage.

Efficiently handle your rented assets, customers, and orders with the Rental Inventory and Sales Manager Excel Template.

Ideal for businesses charging for rentals over a specific duration. Check our free template with limited capabilities here.

Try our free Product Catalog template in Excel, with which you can create an entire product catalog with the ease of using a simple Excel spreadsheet.

Create an interactive digital product catalog for your Small business products, in Excel with our Small Business Digital Catalog Excel Template.

  • Small Business Digital Catalog Excel Template

CRM Templates

Streamline Sales Pipeline Management with our user-friendly Sales Pipeline Manager Excel Template. Gain clear visibility into your sales funnel, empowering you to make informed decisions for enhanced conversions and increased sales, without having to invest in costly CRM software!

Try our free Sales Pipeline Tracker with limited functionalities now!


This free inventory tracker template is designed for small businesses that manufacture or assemble products from raw materials. With this template view the current raw materials in stock with ease.

If you are someone who buys products from a supplier and sells them to customers with a margin, this Free Retail Inventory Tracker is the template you need! Track orders, and inventory status along with an amazing dashboard.

Join countless small business owners who have transformed the way they operate with our Excel templates. Simplify processes, make informed decisions, and focus on what you do best – growing your business.

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