Free Excel Course


‘Useful Excel for Beginners’ is a free on-demand video-based course tailored for beginners who are interested in learning Microsoft Excel.

This course is a series of 89 videos running for slightly more than 9.5 hours. You can watch the videos at your own schedule and pause/replay as you would like. The course covers the concepts and features that I believe will help you get started and become a functional user of Excel.

Course Highlights

Highlights of the course

  • 9.5 hours of videos covering all the key concepts and topics
  • Tailored for those who have never used Excel before and beginner level users
  • Easy to follow video demonstrations where all the operations are performed on screen
  • Create report on a fictional book store’s employees’ monthly work hours and salaries
  • Analyze product sales, customer and sales trends for the book store
  • 25 most used functions covered with examples
  • Important keyboard shortcuts highlighted
  • Includes Conditional Formatting, PivotTables and Tables
  • Downloadable exercise files so that you can easily follow the course

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction (7 m)
  2. Basics of Excel (11 m)
  3. Entering Data (2 h 45 m)
    • Keyboard shortcuts
    • Navigating in a worksheet
    • Selecting Cells
    • Number Formatting
    • Inserting & Deleting
  4. Formatting (37 m)
  5. Editing (1 h 10 m)
    • Auto Fill
    • Cut, Copy, Paste
    • Sort & Filter
    • Find & Replace
  6. Saving (10 m)
  7. Viewing (7 m)
  8. Calculations  (2 h 6 m)
    • Formula
    • 25 functions
    • Errors
  9. Visualizing  (1 h 20 m)
    • Charts
    • Conditional Formatting
    • Illustrations
  10. Analyzing (31 m)
    • Pivot Tables
    • Slicers
  11. Tables (16 m)
  12. Sharing (12 m)
    • Saving and Sending
    • Printing

57 Exercise Files to follow along with the course

Course Reviews

Jonathan Rivera
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I was impressed about the minimum knowledge I had of excel before this training, I though I knew enough but I was wrong, pretty good and well organized, I would recommend it for anyone who wants to a clean start up to begin using excel. Also as a refresh for those who know few things about it.
Annie Byway-Williden
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The instructor has clearly put a lot of time and work into creating this terrific course. I think it is very generous of him to give it away for free. I have excel 2013, and managed to follow along, even though this course is based on 2010 – and I had very little knowledge about it at all. I learned so much about excel after working my way through this course. It is very detailed. There are also explanations of why we do things in a certain way with excel, and even a lecture on the most common errors as well. Be prepared to allow more than 10 hours for this course. After all, it will take some time to action the lessons in each lecture. Also, you will not be at basic level when you finish them all! This is definitely a favourite course of mine and one that I will come back to again. I can’t praise it enough!
Theodoros Nakos
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I would definitely recommend this course, if you are new to Excel. The course introduces gradually the student to the Excel way of thinking, with well explained and easy-to-follow tutorias based on concrete examples. The support material (excel files that can be downloaded) allows you both to experiment during or after the course, but also have a large library of ready-to-use Excel templates. Ind Zara has done an amazing job, after a few days I feel ready to start using Excel and implement many of its features